Plan the Perfect Camping Trip with 3 Simple Tips and Woods Canada

My boys and I have always loved camping.

From cooking over a fire to sleeping in a tent, the chance to connect with nature while discovering a new area is something we all love.

But the perfect camping trip means having the perfect camping gear too, and this year I’ve been able to take our camping trips from average to amazing with gear from Woods Canada!

woods canada camping

Of course, any great camping trip starts with the planning, and for the ultimate vacation, these are the three tips I use for planning the best possible camping trip!

Research the Location

While many campsites have standard amenities including washrooms, showers, a convenience store, and more, there can be a lot of variation in the available amenities from site to site.

Ensure you know about the available features of your chosen location so that you can pack accordingly.

A campsite with showers, for example, means that you may want to pack shampoo and body wash in your toiletries.

And a site with a store will let you pack less food if desired, to save space.

Pack by Room

Instead of trying to remember every camping item I might need, I break down my packing by dividing the campsite into “rooms” just like a house.

For the bedroom, I need my Woods Canada Yukon tent and sleeping bags for each family member.

For the kitchen, the Woods Canada Portable Outdoor Kitchen and Camp Table Set are my must-haves.

And, for the living room, a comfy Woods Canada High-Back Muskoka Chair for each family member gives us a place to relax around the fire!

Plan For Fun

Make sure to check out your camping site for fun activities and bring the gear you’ll need to enjoy them!

If the campsite is on a lake, bathing suits, towels and beach toys are a must. If the campsite offers geocaching, you won’t want to forget sturdy shoes and bug spray.

Other fun gear might include Frisbees, a football or flashlights for a game of flashlight tag!

No matter what activities your kids love, making sure to pack some gear for playtime will help make the trip a hit.

woods canada camping gear

I’ll be sharing two more posts in the coming weeks about my experience camping with Woods Canada gear, so keep an eye out for our family vacation adventures.

When it comes to enjoying the best camping trip ever, Woods Canada makes it easy with everything from backpacks to camp cookers.

Find the products at your local Canadian Tire store and get ready for plenty of family fun!

25 thoughts on “Plan the Perfect Camping Trip with 3 Simple Tips and Woods Canada”

  1. Patrycja Chudziak

    I always wanted to go camping but live in NYC and just never found my way into the woods. But I would love to take my son and show him the outdoors.

  2. I use to love camping with my family as a child. It’s such a wonderful experience getting out into nature and the fresh air. I can’t wait to share camping experiences with my son.

  3. Camping is a fun way to get out and reconnect with family, my daughter and her other half have gone a few times already with their 7 month old, and my granddaughter sleeps better when they are camping, all that fresh air!!

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