Snack Pack with New EZO Lids are Perfect for Your Back-to-School Lunchboxes

With the new school year almost here, I’m stocking up on my boys’ favourite lunch meals and snacks. Luckily for me, they both like fairly basic, easy-to-find items like fruit cups and ham sandwiches. And of course, no lunch is complete without a Hunt’s Snack Pack pudding cup in my boys’ minds! Zackary favours butterscotch and Benjamin prefers chocolate, but both of them agree that Snack Pack pudding is delicious!

snack pack ezo lids

The only thing my boys didn’t love about Snack Pack is how hard the pudding cups were to open. Zackary could generally get the lid off eventually, though he sometimes made a mess in the process. Benjamin never could manage to pull off the lids and had to have me, or else a teacher, do it for him. But now that’s changed with the brand new Snack Pack EZO lids!

opening snack pack ezo lids

We received three tasty flavours of Snack Pack pudding cups with EZO easy open lids so that we could experience the difference for ourselves. And my boys were only too happy to help out with the test since they got to eat chocolate pudding at the end of it! Both boys pulled off the lids independently with no effort, something that was impressive even for Zackary, but especially so for Benjamin!

Because the cups used to be quite hard to open, my youngest son would often bring his pudding home from school and eat it for an after-school snack after I opened it for him. And since my son was one in a class of twenty children, I could certainly understand why. As much as the teachers at our school are willing to help, there are so many kids that Benjamin’s teacher might very well run out of time before being able to open his pudding cup.

boy eating snack pack pudding

Now that he can open it himself, I feel even better about including Snack Pack in his lunch since I know I’m not inconveniencing an already-busy teacher when I do. And in addition to being less messy, these lids help younger children foster a sense of independence too! Best of all, since the pudding cups are made with skim milk, I can feel good about adding them to the lunchbox.

boy eating snack pack

The easy open lids are available on a huge assortment of favourite Snack Pack pudding and gelatine flavours including Chocolate, Vanilla, Ice Cream Sandwich, Lemon Meringue, Strawberry/Orange, Cherry/Lemon Lime, Toffee Caramel, Chocolate/Butterscotch and more! Look for the blue Easy Open Lid tab on your child’s favourite Hunt’s Snack Pack flavours and discover the convenience of the EZO lids for yourself!

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  1. This is great to know, some of them were very hard to remove the top and for the young ones just impossible, it’s nice to know they can open their own pudding now!!

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