Get an A+ on Style this School Year with Goody Hair Accessories

My mom has had short hair for my entire life, so I didn’t have anyone to teach me how to style my hair. For school pictures and special occasions, she would have my babysitter curl and style my hair. The rest of the time it pretty much just did what it wanted and I remember once, in Grade 3, a teacher actually told me I needed to brush my shoulder-length hair more because it was so tangled.

In elementary school, I had bangs and hair that was at least shoulder length in the back and sometimes longer. In high school I said goodbye to the bangs and grew out my hair to a simple one-length style with a centre part. But no matter how my hair was cut, I struggled with finding ways to style it.

hairstyles goody braids and snap clips

Goody hair products were a must for me in those days. From the Ouchless Hair Elastics to the No-Slip Claw Clips, I could actually create some pretty cute hairstyles with Goody on my side! My personal favourite was to braid my slightly damp hair into two pigtails, secure the ends with Goody elastics and wear the style for a full day and night. The next morning, I removed the elastics and finger-combed through my hair to get easy beach waves!

Now that kids are getting ready to head back to school once again, Goody is ready with so many must-have products for little girls and busy moms alike! As a child that once screamed and cried when having my hair brushed, I love the Goody Ouchless Paddle brush. It promises 55% less breakage and I love how easily it glides through my hair even at its most tangled.

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The Goody A+ Hair Elastics and Snap Clips are another great must-have for little girls. The elastics hold hair back neatly while the clips are perfect for those loose strands. One of my favourite styles used to be simply wearing my hair loose while using Snap Clips just above my ears to hold the hair back from my face. And little girls will love dressing up their look with the Goody Glam Mini Elastics, Mini Claw Clips, Sparkle Barrettes and more!

As a busy mom with long hair, the Goody Glam Headbands and claw clips are two of my personal must-haves. I love quickly twisting my hair behind my head and securing it with a claw clip for a dressier daytime look. And for everyday fun, the headbands add a little extra something to my look while helping to keep my hair out of my face. I especially love the sequined ones!

quick hairstyles with goody products

But whether you’re shopping for your daughter or for yourself, Goody hair products are a must for making it through the busy back-to-school season looking great! Find the products at stores across North America and stock up on your favourites so that you’re ready to show off some style this September!

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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    My granddaughter has a huge collection of hair accessories – if she didn’t keep losing one of each pair there’d be a lot more :-)

  2. Goody hair accessories have been in my home for like ever, with having two girls with long hair, I always used Goody products they last and they have some pretty great stuff!!

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