GoGo SqueeZ Fruit Pouches are Great for Kids and the Environment

While I know many parents dread packing lunches, I’ve never minded the job that much. And part of the reason for that is the fact that my boys are very easy to please when it comes to the meals and snacks I give them. A deli meat sandwich, a string cheese stick, pudding and a package of fruit snacks are almost all I need to keep them full and happy. Of course, no lunch is complete without a pureed fruit pouch as far as my kids are concerned!

I’d never tried the popular GoGo SqueeZ fruit pouches before, however, so when the company offered me the chance to test out the pouches and learn a little more about the company, I couldn’t resist. I received an assortment of GoGo SqueeZ flavours and a sleek green messenger bag to review and pulled out a box of GoGo SqueeZ Apple Grape for the next lunches I packed.

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My boys loved the helicopter-shaped Helicap on the pouches that made it easy even for my six-year-old to open the lid. And the fruit puree was a hit as well; Benjamin said it tasted just like a fruit snack and wanted to have another pouch for his after-school snack once he got home! But while the convenience and great taste of GoGo SqueeZ is a definite plus for this busy mom, these fruit pouches do even more than that!

GoGo SqueeZ pouches have partnered with TerraCycle Canada to help you turn those empty snack pouches into useful and eco-friendly products free of charge. Just collect the pouches, download a free shipping label and send the waste off to TerraCycle, where the company will turn it into bags, coolers and even benches and playground equipment. Even better, when you recycle the pouches, you’ll also earn TerraCycle Points that you can use to donate valuable resources to those in need.

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While I like that these pouches are so handy for lunches and so well-liked by my boys, I love that I can include them in a daily lunch without creating excess waste.

The TerraCycle recycling program makes it easy for me to turn lunch garbage into useful items and is perfect both for individual families and for schools, churches and community groups.

Give GoGo SqueeZ a try and add some extra nutrition to your kids’ lunches in a very delicious way. Just make sure to recycle those pouches when the kids are done!

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