Keep Your Closet Organized with a Shoe Rack from Ohuhu

When it comes to keeping my house clean and organized, I’ve learned that having the right tools for the job can make a world of difference. And our front entryway was the perfect example of why sometimes an inexpensive product is a must-have for keeping a space neat and tidy. Our shoes and boots were taking over the small closet space inside the door and an Ohuhu 20-Pair Shoe Rack seemed like the perfect solution for keeping our shoes organized, but still accessible.

The shoe rack was compactly packaged and very simple to put together. I just inserted the bars into the plastic end pieces, hammered each connection lightly to lock the bars in place and set the rack up in the entryway. Then it was time to fill it with shoes and get our space organized!

ohuhu 20 pair shoe rack

The rack holds between sixteen and twenty pairs of shoes, depending on the size, and was the perfect solution for the whole family. I was a little worried that my boyfriend’s heavy work boots would be too much for the rack to be able to handle, but it supported the weight with no problem at all. I also liked that the top of the rack could be used for boots while the lower portion held shoes.

Best of all, the rack makes it easy to take shoes out and put them back again when we leave and return. My boys find it easier to set their shoes up neatly since they each have their own spot on the rack for their footwear, and I can keep some of my favourite dress-up heels close to the door so I can quickly grab a favourite pair when going out for dinner or to a special event.

Ohuhu also carries clothes drying racks, pet seat covers, spin mops and shirt folders perfect for other home organizational needs, as well as tents, sleeping bags and hammocks for outdoor fun. Check out the whole list of products online at and see which ones might be useful for your home. Whether you’re trying to make the most of a small space or just need a way of better organizing some of your favourite things, products from Ohuhu are a simple and inexpensive way to do that.

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