Make Time For Family Fun and Bonding This October with Tips and Games from Mattel-Giveaway #PlayAdvocate

October is one busy month, and making time for connecting with family isn’t always easy. That’s why my family and I have started a weekly game night so that even during the busiest weeks, we can spend an hour or so talking, playing and laughing together. Mattel understands the importance of family time, so the company has five great tips to help your family connect no matter how busy your lives get!

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Start Traditions.

It’s never too late to create new family traditions this fall season. One of the best ways to create a tradition that ensures your family is spending quality time together, rather than just being in the same room together, is to play a game everyone will enjoy. Fun and interactive games like Card N Go Seek™ and Bounce-Off™ offer an exciting and engaging game that your family will be excited to play. Try breaking out the same game, or dedicating a game “time” at your next fall family gathering and make it a tradition for the years to come!

Take Photos

Your family is growing so quickly sometimes its hard to even see the differences right in front of you. This fall season make sure you take plenty of photos from Thanksgiving to Halloween. Capture your family at these various points to not only take a photo, but also capture the memory for years to come. Also starting the tradition of taking family photos on special occasions like Halloween and Thanksgiving will create happy memories that your family will be keen to capture year in and out.

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Plan Ahead

Just like the beautiful fall colours, the season will be gone before you know it! Try planning ahead this fall season to squeeze in all your family’s favourite fall activities. Check pumpkin and apple picking seasons in advance to ensure your local patch or orchard are open and for how long.

One to One

While spending time together as a family is important to build memories, one to one time is equally important. Make sure you take time to bond with your little ones individually. From baking a pie for Thanksgiving dinner, to throwing the ball in the backyard your little ones (and you!) will have precious memories of the quality time spent together.

Keep it Manageable

While it can be tempting to totally overload yourself this fall season from creating the perfect homemade Halloween costumes to making everything for Thanksgiving dinner from scratch, try not to take on too much. Too many on you to-do list will leave you feeling stressed, rather than focusing on family time. Don’t be afraid to lighten the load to ensure your spending quality time with your family, and building memories for years to come!

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To help you enjoy a little more family fun this fall, Mattel is very generously offering two lucky Mommy Kat and Kids winners a prize pack containing Bounce-Off and Card N Go Seek, a $40 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which Mattel game you think your family would most enjoy playing.

What I love about a family game night is that it takes almost no planning, yet is something everyone always enjoys. From more intellectual games like Apples to Apples, classic choices such as Pictionary or more active games like new Bounce-Off, we all have a great time playing together. With Mattel games for all ages, family fun is guaranteed!

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