The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam Lets Kids Show Their Creativity

Over the last few months, my oldest son has decided that he wants to make YouTube videos as his hobby. From tutorials as he plays his favourite video games to blaster battles with his friends, once Zackary has a camera in his hand, he’s creating videos. But as much as I want to encourage his creativity, I don’t want to risk damaging one of my own fairly high-quality cameras. That’s why the VTech Kidizoom Action Cam is the perfect solution for my budding film star!

This camera boasts all the features of an action camera with a kid-friendly price and design. From a bike handle mount for trick shots to a waterproof case for undersea footage, it goes wherever your child does and records all those special moments they want to show off. And with kid-tough durability, it can handle all the bumps and thumps that come its way.

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Zackary was only too willing to test out the camera, and used it on a trip to Ontario to record some of his favourite moments. He especially liked making videos at the zoo, though recording moments swimming in the pool was a close second. He even took the camera on a trip down the waterslide!

The camera features built-in memory that provides a few minutes of filming time. It would be enough for some children, but not my future director. Fortunately, VTech designed the camera with an expandable memory slot so that I can add a mini SD card of up to 32 GB and Zackary can film for hours! The camera also includes a flat mount in addition to the bike mount and waterproof case so that kids can really get creative with the camera and show off some fun activities.

The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam comes in either pink or yellow and is available now at toy stores across Canada. Whether you want to let your active child show off their moves or you have a would-be filmographer on your hands like I do, this camera is a great choice for letting your kids explore their creative side through video!

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