Encourage Your Little Girl to Release Her Inner Hero with DC Super Hero Girls

Ever since I was a superhero-loving child, I noticed the huge discrepancy between the number of male heroes compared to the number of females. While there were a few action-loving ladies to idolize, the vast majority of any super team were men. And to this day, that trend has continued. Just look at latest Hollywood superhero movies! That’s why I’m so excited about the new DC Entertainment series that puts girls in the spotlight: DC Super Hero Girls!

This group of heroes gives new meaning to the phrase “girl power” as they encounter new adventures and discover the benefits both of their unique abilities and their friendships. The varied personalities of the girls means that every real-life little hero will be able to connect with a favourite character and get inspired to be super. From strong and fearless to edgy and fun, these girls have got it all!

Personally, what I love most about DC Super Hero Girls is the fact that they’re still recognizable characters. From Wonder Woman and Supergirl to Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, they’re characters that have often been in the background of super hero films. But now, they’re finally taking centre stage! Best of all, watching DC Super Hero Girls couldn’t be easier with the DC Super Hero Girls YouTube channel. Kids can subscribe and watch new episodes on a computer, smart TV or mobile device any time they like!

Do you have a super hero girl of your own at home? Let her take this fun quiz to find out which DC Super Hero Girl is most similar to her. Whether she’s a fun-loving social butterfly like Harley Quinn or a determined leader like Wonder Woman, she’ll love exploring her own inner hero!

And for even more fun, make sure to check out the DC Super Hero Girls website! You’ll find printable activities, online games, character information and so much more. It’s a great way to encourage your little girl to be her super self every single day!

While I did love Wonder Woman when I was growing up, I have to admit that Batgirl is my favourite DC Super Hero Girl in this crew! The tech genius has a cool attitude and a casual style that I love. Plus, her bat-ear hoodie and bat-shaped backpack are just so cute! But really, every DC Super Hero Girl has traits I appreciate, and the best part is the fact that these girls are balancing the gender scales with their own super abilities. If you have a little girl that’s a hero at heart, let her join in the fun of the DC Super Hero Girls with the fun-filled YouTube episodes and website. It’s time for all girls to show off just how super they are!

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  1. Beside DC Superheroines, they could also try Sailor Moon. “In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you.” She was soooooo kawaii かわいい !

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