Try Coffee That Will Start Your Engine with Freshly Roasted Driven Coffee

Even though I’ve loved a good cup of coffee ever since I was a teenager, it wasn’t until my late twenties that I realized just how much of a difference there could be between a basic store brand and a freshly roasted quality brand of coffee beans.

Once I tasted the difference, I soon became a full-on coffee snob. While I do have my favourite blends and brands, I always love discovering new varieties to add to my coffee lineup.

So, when I had the chance to test out Driven Coffee, I couldn’t wait to see how I liked it.

I chose three different varieties to review: Papua New Guinea, Fair Trade Organic Mexico Sierra Azul and Impact Espresso Blend.

I tend to favour dark roasts, but wanted to try a medium blend as well to get a better feel for the company’s variety.

The coffee is available either as whole beans or pre-ground and since I believe the best flavour comes from freshly ground coffee, I chose the whole bean coffee to test.

I loved learning that it was roasted in small batches just before being shipped out to maximize freshness!

driven coffee

When the coffee arrived, the smell had me drooling before I’d even opened the box.

I popped two of the bags in the freezer to ensure the beans stayed fresh and opened the Papua New Guinea coffee for my first taste-test.

After reading through my favourite post on how to make black coffee, I brewed up a perfect cup and took a sip.

It had a nice medium strength and body with a very smooth flavour. I liked the way the coffee was distinctive at the first sip, yet didn’t overpower.

It was a perfect breakfast blend to kick start my day!

Next I tried the Fair Trade Organic Mexico Sierra Azul coffee. I always seem to notice a richer and more complex flavour when drinking organic coffee, so I couldn’t wait to try this one.

Sure enough, it had a brightly dark flavour, a rich texture and had me wanting just one more cup more than once!

After opening the bag, I couldn’t stop drinking this coffee until it was done.

Finally, it was time to try the Impact Espresso Blend. Smooth and dark, it had the rich, almost chocolaty taste and aroma that makes espresso beans one of my favourite coffee varieties.

While it was a little too rich for a morning coffee, I loved having a cup in the afternoon with homemade biscotti or right after supper in a latte to finish a tasty meal.

Of course, I also made sure to try it with my espresso machine and one of my popular home espresso tampers so that I could see how the blend tasted when making actual espresso.

As I expected, it was as good as any espresso I’ve had in a coffee shop! Driven Coffee definitely met my quality requirements for great coffee.

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There are no sign-up fees and no minimums when you use the program, so it’s perfect for groups of all sizes.

Earn 40% of the sales and even customize the bags with a custom colour and logo! Check out the Driven Coffee Fundraising page for all the details.

driven coffee latte

Whether you prefer a light, medium or dark roast coffee, you’re sure to find a favourite among Driven Coffee’s fresh, high-quality varieties.

The Mexico Sierra Azul was my personal favourite, but I’d love to try the French Roast as well. It sounds like such a great flavourful afternoon choice!

Check out the full selection online and see which one might make your day a little tastier. If only the best will do when it comes to your perfect cup, you’ll love Driven Coffee!

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  1. I don’t really enjoy dark roasted coffee so I’d like to try the Ethiopia Sidamo, smooth & fruity with hints of blueberry and cherry. I do think I’d enjoy this coffee.

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