Don’t Miss These 3 Must-Experience Family Tourist Attractions in Toronto, Ontario

Canada has many popular cities when it comes to family vacations, but Toronto is easily one of the top choices for travel…and with good reason!

From museums and art galleries to theatres and shopping malls, the city has something to please everyone.

toronto downtown

But there are some Toronto experiences that absolutely cannot be missed, especially for families visiting the city for the first time.

If you have a trip to the city in your future, these are three tourist attractions in Toronto that you’ll want to make sure you fit into your schedule!

The CN Tower

cn tower toronto

The tower that helped make the Toronto skyline (and the city itself) stand out among other world capitals is a place that everyone should visit when in the city.

While it may seem like the CN Tower doesn’t have a whole lot to impress children, the speedy ride in the elevator is something kids of all ages will love, and the glass floor that lets visitors look down and see just how high above the ground they are is sure to thrill…and maybe even terrify a little!

cn tower inside display

The view is a stunning one that adults will want to experience firsthand; seeing the iconic tall ships from above was a special treat for me.

And the tower features plenty of fun facts, video presentations and more to keep the entire family entertained!

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

legoland discovery centre canada

Canada’s only LEGOLAND Discovery Centre opened just three years ago and has been a must-visit tourist attraction in Toronto ever since.

While kids are definitely the target audience, adults will love the beautiful LEGO displays of the city of Toronto’s major landmarks including the CN Tower and Roger’s Stadium in MINILAND.

legoland display

My two LEGO-loving boys especially liked taking part in the Master Builder class as well as burning off some energy at the LEGO Fire Academy obstacle course.

The two fun-filled amusement park-style rides are great for kids and adults alike, while the LEGO 4D Cinema provides a thrilling movie experience.

From building and racing LEGO vehicles to relaxing with a snack at the cafe, there’s no shortage of fun in store for your family at this top attraction!

Rogers Centre Blue Jays Game

rogers centre blue jays game

Canada’s only Major League Baseball team is the pride and joy of Ontario residents and much of the rest of Canada as well.

So, a visit to Toronto just wouldn’t be complete without seeing the team play on their home field at Rogers Centre.

Tickets start at a very reasonable $13 each and the fun of watching a Blue Jays game is something that will have the whole family cheering, dancing and singing along with the crowd!

blue jays first game certificates

Zackary and Benjamin both loved snacking on peanuts and singing the Blue Jays songs as they watched the game and even though neither one plays baseball currently, they had picked up the rules within just a few innings!

Pro tip for that first trip: visitors can fill out an online form letting the Blue Jays know it’s a child’s first game and kids will be presented with a special commemorative pin and certificate by one of the Blue Jays J FORCE squad during the game!

downtown toronto fountain

The best thing about all three of these tourist attractions in Toronto is that they’re reasonably priced and suitable for all ages, so that families can get the most bang for their buck.

And the activities are also a great way to give kids a taste of what makes Toronto so special!

Whether you’re planning a spring break getaway or just want to get a jump on your summer vacation planning, make sure to add these three activities to your itinerary, and make sure you’ve booked a great short term rental suite to serve as a home base. The whole family will be glad you did!

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    1. Not at all, Dwayne, just haven’t had the chance to experience it firsthand yet so I can share my opinion! (After all, LEGOLAND Toronto is technically in Vaughn too. :)) We’ll have to try to check it out next time we’re in the area!

  1. I have been to Toronto several different times and I enjoy going to the Blue Jays games very much.
    We have also been to the CN Tower and walked on the glass floor.I don’t like heights so that was really thrilling for me.LOL

  2. Mishelle Greening

    I’ve done the Jays game -and we enjoyed it, done the CN Tower – didn’t get off the elevator by much but the kids were amazed the Legoland is new and I think the kids would love it!


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