Whether You’re a Kid or an Adult, Everything is Awesome at the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel!

When I heard the news about the opening of the new theme hotel last year at the LEGOLAND Florida Resort, I couldn’t help but want to check it out firsthand.

With two LEGO-crazed boys at home and a pretty solid love of the interlocking bricks myself, I was sure it would be a place to remember.

And recently, my dream came true when the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel invited us to spend the night on our recent trip to the Orlando area.

With bags packed, my boys, their Nanny and I set off to see just what this new hotel had to offer.

Everything is LEGO!

legoland hotel exterior

From the second we drove up to the hotel, we knew that our experience was going to be an amazing one.

The exterior of LEGOLAND Florida Hotel provides a vibrant, LEGO-filled welcome that illustrates the type of experience to be found upon walking through the doors.

Almost life-sized LEGO creations, including a dragon, a knight, a pirate and more dominate the front of the hotel, while brightly coloured brick detailing on the outer walls gives the entire hotel a LEGO look.

But as much as the exterior of the hotel impresses, the interior is even better.

legoland hotel minifigure wall

The check-in desk was one of my personal favourite features. Behind the large LEGO man riding a bicycle (a moving feature that’s an immediate draw for the eye), an entire wall of Minifigures are on display.

LEGO Minifigures have always been something I loved, so I could have studied the wall in detail for hours.

The lobby also featured numerous large LEGO creations including a pirate bed big enough for a child, characters including a waiter and a porter, and another perching dragon.

legoland hotel kingdom room

After that introduction, I couldn’t help but expect great things from our room itself. And the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel didn’t disappoint!

Just as in the lobby, our Kingdom-themed room was full of amazing LEGO creations that had us completely impressed and immersed in the wonderful world of LEGO.

I think the large LEGO spider on the wall of the bathroom was probably my boys’ favourite…they loved “scaring” Nanny by announcing there was a spider in the room!

Personally, the coat of arms on the wall above the master bed was what I loved most. The attention to detail that went into it was mind-blowing, and it added a great royal touch to our chambers!

All About the Kids

legoland hotel play area

The overall look of the hotel had impressed all four of us, so we couldn’t wait to drop off our bags, head downstairs and see what kind of fun there was to be had in this children’s paradise.

My first stop was the front desk, where I signed the boys up for a Master Builder Class that evening.

The chance to create and keep their own special figure with expert help was something I knew they’d both want to experience.

Then, both boys got busy creating with the large assortment of bricks in the main lobby so that they could take part in the nightly LEGO Building Competition!

legoland hotel pool florida

Benjamin’s adorable little boat and Zackary’s complex scene consisting of three planes chasing two boats were both soon complete, so we put the creations away until judging and the boys spent some time playing in the large castle play area.

But, before long, they’d both decided they wanted to head to the outdoor pool.

It was a fairly cool day, just over fifteen degrees Celsius, but the pool was as warm as a bathtub!

The boys had a great time building rafts and other creations with the large floating LEGO bricks in the pool while Nanny and I sipped an adult beverage and relaxed in the lounge chairs.

legoland hotel building competition

Before long, it was time for the kids to show off their creations. Zackary was lucky enough to win a prize for his build…a free mocktail at the bar!

Of course, we got Benjamin one of his own as well, and the boys indulged in a little happy hour fun before heading off to their Master Builder Class.

The mocktail menu was another one of those kid-friendly details that impressed me about the hotel.

With an assortment of fun and unique drinks just for kids including a S’mores Sipper and an Adventure Quencher, it illustrated the way that the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel always has the happiness of children in its plans.

legoland hotel master builder class

The boys had a great time creating their own sharks with the Master Builder, who mentioned that his job also involved building the many amazing creations throughout the hotel and the LEGOLAND Resort itself.

And Zackary and Benjamin loved joining in the games and activities at the castle play structure during the nightly pajama party too.

Throughout the evening, the kids also had ample opportunities to enjoy meet and greet experiences with LEGO characters…the crowning touch on an already blissful experience for both of them.

A Hotel with Families (and Family Budgets) in Mind

legoland hotel kids beds kingdom room

As much as a child might look at the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel as if it’s paradise on earth, it just wouldn’t be as appealing without keeping the needs of parents in mind too.

Luckily, the hotel does that in a variety of ways, with the first being that ever-important consideration for any visiting family: price.

Considering all the inclusive experiences offered when visiting the hotel, I have to admit that I expected a pretty high price tag on the rooms.

But prices start at just $105 a night! With every room being a theme room and all the bonus kids activities available when staying at the hotel, that’s pretty great value.

legoland hotel bricks restaurant

Even better, buffet breakfast for the entire family is included with each night’s stay!

The kid-friendly Bricks Restaurant has tons of tasty options for adults and children alike, so it’s sure to satisfy appetites before heading out to the LEGOLAND Florida Resort for the day.

I indulged in a freshly made omelette at the omelette bar along with bacon and coffee, while the boys devoured pancakes, muffins, scrambled eggs and orange juice to their hearts’ content.

Not having to worry about what to do for breakfast was a load off my mind that morning and of course, saving the extra money was fabulous as well!

legoland hotel beds for three kids

But perhaps my favourite family-friendly feature, even though it wasn’t one our family needed on this occasion, was the fact that every room in the hotel is designed for families of five instead of just families of four.

One of my good friends, a mother to three boys, has mentioned in the past how much harder it is to travel with three children since most hotels and resorts only have base rooms designed for families of four.

Accommodating one extra child often means upgrading to an expensive suite with an extra room, something that can take a big chunk out of a vacation budget.

The fact that the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel recognized that struggle and created rooms designed to eliminate the worry for parents with three children is a testament to the hotel’s dedication to making its customers as happy and comfortable as possible.

A “Must Stay To Believe” Experience

legoland hotel treasure hunt in room

Even as somebody that entered the hotel expecting to have a great time, I was blown away by just how much the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel impresses.

The attention to detail throughout the hotel is absolutely amazing, with fun surprises around every corner.

From the elevator that turns into a disco dance floor when it starts moving to the talking LEGO characters that greet children on each of the hotel floors to the welcome treasure hunt within the room itself, it’s impossible to list everything that makes the hotel so incredible.

legoland hotel pirate

And, of course, the icing on the cake is that the LEGOLAND Florida Resort is just steps away!

Whether you stay the night before visiting the resort and check out in the morning before heading to the park, or stay for a few days and make the hotel your home base, the convenient location just makes this hotel all the more appealing to LEGO lovers.

But, even if we had come to the hotel without visiting the resort at all, all four of us still would have been delighted with our experience and wanted to come back again.

The kid-friendly atmosphere with just the right touch of adult luxury is something I’ve never seen duplicated quite so well at any other hotel.

Whether you live in the Orlando area or are planning a trip in the future, visiting this hotel is an experience not to be missed. It’s a stay that will create memories that last a lifetime!

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  1. Wow, what a really fantastic place, my kids are a little old but my step grandsons would love it there! Thank you for the review.

  2. I can imagine having a Lego “overdose” here. There’s too much Lego for the adult brain to handle! And here I though walking by the local Lego Store was dangerous.

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