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When I sold my house and moved to Moose Jaw last summer, a lot of work went into packing and transporting the bulk of my house to a storage unit in Regina.

Later that same year, my fiance and I moved from his small two-bedroom apartment to a roomier three-bedroom townhouse. We hired a mover to get the big furniture from one place to another, and then later rented a truck and spent the day moving boxes from my storage locker to our townhouse basement.

It was a long and exhausting process, but I have to say that I was amazed by how much easier hiring the movers had made the experience. And if I could have found a reliable mover that also offered storage, moving from one place to another would have been a breeze!

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Now, for those looking for Newmarket Movers, that need is being filled by Bradford Moving and Storage! I recently saw an article about the company that was shared on Twitter about its storage space expansion, giving the company the largest climate controlled self-storage facility in the York area.

The family-owned business is clearly passionate about making the moving process as easy as possible for other families, and the expansion of the storage space is just one way that the company is doing that.

The fact that the company offers both moving services and storage means that families like mine, with a need for temporary storage in a transitional moving situation, can combine services to minimize cost and hassle.

I would have loved the opportunity to have our movers empty out the storage unit, pick up the rest of the furniture at the apartment and then drop off everything at our new home!

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Best of all, Bradford Moving and Storage is dedicated to ensuring its customers have a pleasant and affordable moving experience. The company has been voted the top moving company in the York region for 18 years in a row and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Since finding a mover that can be trusted to provide accurate estimates and safely move important possessions isn’t always easy, it’s reassuring to see just how many satisfied customers the business has.

Moving to a new city or even just to a new house a few blocks away is always going to mean a fair bit of work and preparation, but having a reliable and caring mover to help is a huge benefit for any moving situation.

If you’re in the York area, make sure to visit Bradford Moving and Storage to get an estimate on your move or on a storage unit for your prized possessions. The company’s reputation speaks for itself so that you can feel confident about putting aside your moving worries and starting to settle into your new home!

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  1. Thank you for finding a top moving and storage company in Newmarket! They were able to provide us with a storage unit that we could trust and that was perfect for our needs. They were also very affordable and we are very grateful for their services.

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