Make the Most of Hand-Me-Downs with 3 Tips from Church & Dwight

It’s hard for me to believe, but my oldest son is only one foot away from being as tall as I am. Since he’s just nine years old, I have a feeling he’ll be towering over me as an adult! Pulling out my boys’ shorts and t-shirts after a long winter is always an instant indicator of just how much they’ve both grown. And while I always celebrate the season by buying one or two new pieces of clothing for my boys, I don’t want to spend money on a whole new wardrobe…especially considering how fast kids grow!

That’s why I love these three tips on making the most of hand-me-downs. They’re perfect for ensuring your kids always have great-looking clothes without the high cost!

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1. Host a Clothing Swap

Gather all your friends and have a clothes swap. Everybody can bring their kid’s old clothes that they have either outgrown or are simply tired of. It gives you and your friends the chance to catch-up and socialize while refreshing your kids’ wardrobe and saving money. Pro Tip: Gather your friends who wear the same size as you do for a clothes swap of your own!

2. Keep it in the Family

At the end of every season, have your children pack away any clothes that are getting too small for them. Label the box with the date and season so in a few years, when your next child is ready for a new outfit, you know exactly where to find them. Make sure to wash everything before you store it away, so that it is clean and fresh when you pull it out of storage. Pro Tip: OxiClean Foam Pre-treat rids your children’s clothes of tough dried on stains – even grease!

3. Embrace the Bold Colours

Fun, bright and colourful spring clothes can lose their vibrancy quickly during the year – making it hard to pass them on. The right laundry detergent can go a long way in caring for clothes. Pro Tip: Upgrade from ordinary detergents and give your kids clothes a high definition clean with OxiClean HDTM Laundry Detergent (available in liquid and paks). It will ensure your whites stay radiant and your colours vibrant.

Having two boys means that a lot of clothing can go from one to the other, so keeping items in good shape is a must. And every dollar I save on clothing means extra money for fun activities wearing clothes that look like new! What’s your favourite way to minimize kids’ clothing costs?

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11 thoughts on “Make the Most of Hand-Me-Downs with 3 Tips from Church & Dwight”

  1. When my son was born, I was given bags of clothes from my SIL and my co-workers (2 had just come back from maternity leave). I honestly don’t think I had to buy clothes until he was 4 (and had to have the TMNT shirts!). I love the clothing swap ideas! Babies (and kids) are so expensive, and being able to share clothes with friends is a great way to save some money, especially when they grow out of things so fast!

  2. I was able to hand down clothes from my three boys, and even my daughter on the end wore some of the boys clothes around the house or for messy outside play. I always box all the clothes by age and season, and when I run into anyone (or a friend or family member) that has that gender of a child the right size I pass the box along.

  3. I have 3teen boys and 1 girl and make sure that we can use everything as long and as much as possible(single parent!). The best thing that I found to do is Air Dry everything, it is a pain to hang everything up but it is worth it!!

  4. I was #6 out of 7 children so I was always in hand me downs. I still love to shop second hand. I get a thrill when people comment on a outfit and I can say I got it second hand.

  5. I was one of the last in my family to start having children so by the time I had my daughter, I was given hand me downs from both my brothers and my sisters children. And most of them looked like new.

  6. I have tried the clothing swap- it went so-so. Sometimes hard to line up the right sizes and seasons and such. Always good to try and save what you can though especially for pricier things that they won’t wear long like snowsuits and boots.

  7. Great tips! I especially love the idea of a Clothing Sawp…what a fantastic way to get the most out of clothing!

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