Save on 3 P&G Products that Provide the Best Value for Your Dollar

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When it comes to getting the best value for my money, sometimes the cheapest product isn’t always the best. That value brand of floor cleaner for less than a dollar might seem like the best choice, but if it can’t cut through dirt and mud as well, then I’m going to use more to get jobs done. One of the reasons I’m such a fan of P&G products is because I know how much effort goes into making those products more effective. And that means bigger savings in the long run! Wondering what P&G products are especially worth the extra cost? After many years of testing every product under the sun and trying absolutely everything to save a little extra money, these are three of the P&G products that I’ve found are always worth the extra cost, and why:

Tide Laundry Detergent

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A few years ago I visited the Proctor & Gamble Headquarters in Cincinnati and had the chance to tour the fabric care facility. After seeing the amount of work that went into research and development, I understood exactly why Tide out-cleans competitors. The deep-down clean isn’t something that just happens through chance. Fabric fibres are examined at a microscopic level to confirm how well the formula removes dirt and grime…while also protecting those fibres so clothes last longer. No wonder Tide is able to remove everything from grass stains to blood to chocolate!

While it does cost more, it saves me in the long run by preserving my clothes. And with P&G Printable coupons, you can save $1 on your purchase of Tide!

Bounty Paper Towel

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With two active boys in the house, there are a lot of messes to clean up in a day. And that means I go through a lot of paper towel. I’ve tried replacing Bounty with a value brand in the past to save money, and I noticed the difference immediately. While a package of six rolls of Bounty lasts our family about three months on average, a similar package of value paper towel lasted less than a month.

Part of the problem was less absorption. When I was cleaning up a spilled cup of milk or another liquid mess, I needed about twice the amount of paper towel. The other problem was durability. Scrubbing mud off the floor or sticky jam off the counter took just one small square of Bounty instead of one or two large squares of a cheaper paper towel. I’m already saving by choosing Bounty, and with my P&G Printable coupon, I can even save an extra $0.50!

Olay Regenerist Skincare

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Since I have problem skin to an extent, I’ve tried a lot of different skincare products. At thirty-five years old, I want a regime that will keep my skin looking youthful and minimize wrinkles. But since I also get hormonal breakouts, I can’t use anything too heavy or rich as it aggravates my monthly acne. Of the hundreds of skincare products I’ve tried, Olay Regenerist has been the one I return to every time.

Despite the fact it’s an anti-aging collection, it never increases my acne the way most other wrinkle-preventing products do. And there’s no question the moisturizer and serum help improve my skin’s youthful appearance. This past weekend I was asked for I.D. not once but twice while out for drinks! Right now, save $0.75 on Olay cleanser with P&G Printable coupons!

From Swiffer to Febreze to Pampers, there are so many P&G products that have proven their quality to me time and time again. And when I can save on every purchase with nothing but my printer and a few minutes of time, that’s an added plus! Had problems with Internet coupons in the past? You’ll be happy to know that P&G Printable coupons have been designed to ensure that they comply with all major stores’ coupon policies including Walmart, Sobeys and Loblaws. So grab the ones you want and get ready to save! Value for your money is always a sure thing with P&G!

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