Get a Little Bad with a Bad Moms Prize Pack from Chatters Salon and eOne Films

Being a mom. It’s exhausting, frustrating and often thankless. There are days a mom can’t help but feel like she has no idea what she’s doing. There are days that a mom just wants to drop everything, grab a few good friends and run away from the responsibilities of parenthood…if only for a few hours. But then there are those moments when we look at our children, feel our hearts swell with love and pride, and know that becoming a mother was the best decision we ever made.

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Still, taking time for ourselves is important. It helps keep us focused, relaxed and able to deal with the many frustrations that parenting brings. And a few weeks ago, Entertainment One gave me the chance to recharge my own mom batteries with a trip to Los Angeles to attend an exclusive premiere screening of Bad Moms, this summer’s hit comedy that will have moms across North America laughing, bonding and connecting like never before.

My adventure started with a trip to the iHeart Radio Theatre, where I had the chance to walk the red carpet, have a few cocktails and snack on some tasty appetizers as we waited for the movie premiere. But Bad Moms had a few bonus treats in store for the moms in attendance first! The entire cast of the movie came out to introduce the film, and as soon as Mila Kunis grabbed the microphone, I was laughing. As she welcomed us to the theatre and cracked jokes at the expense of a dad that had brought his son to the event, I knew I was in for a fun night. And when we were all surprised with a bonus live concert by Flo Rida, the entire room was on its feet!

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The movie itself had me grinning at times, giggling at others and hysterically laughing on more than one occasion. Being with a group of fellow moms and bloggers meant I was with the perfect audience to watch this movie and without giving anything away, I will simply say that Bad Moms is a movie that every mom should be going to see with her favourite fellow moms. Its message is simple: every mom is a good mom. But at the same time, every mom deserves to be a little bad!

To celebrate the opening of Bad Moms tomorrow, I’ve partnered with Chatters Salon to arrange a very special prize pack just for my readers! One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader is going to win a Bad Moms package containing a fabulous $50 beauty prize pack from Kenneth Bernard (sold online and exclusively at Chatters Salon), two tickets to the Bad Moms movie, two Bad Moms stemless wine glasses, a Bad Moms “High Tea” set, a “Go Ask Your Father” sleep mask and a Bad Moms “Not Going To Do” notepad! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about your most memorable “Bad Mom” moment.

bad moms chatters salon prize pack

Even though I’ve seen Bad Moms already, I can’t wait to see it again. It was such an entertaining movie and I’m looking forward to taking my sisters to see it in the theatres. This Friday, July 29, take some time for yourself, grab a group of your friends and get ready for some girl time. Escaping the responsibilities of motherhood has never been more hilarious, and watching these very funny women is sure to have you embracing your inner bad mom just a little bit more!

105 thoughts on “Get a Little Bad with a Bad Moms Prize Pack from Chatters Salon and eOne Films”

  1. Where do I start? I don’t think there is a perfect mom out there. We’re all bad at times. My son just graduated and I forgot to give him money for the donation that he was suppose to give while walking across the stage in front of hundreds of people. He had to borrow money from his teacher.

  2. My last bad mom moment was after I’d bought my daughter a ton of cute spring/summer clothes. One of the shirts had a llama on it and I made her wear it for Mother’s Day. It was cute and everyone complimented her.

  3. My most memorable bad mom moments is when I am not there to stop my kids from eating off the floor when they drop their cereal. I just let it go …

  4. My most memorable bad mom moment was when I forgot to send money to school for ice cream treats. My son was the only one in his class who didn’t get any :(

  5. Im not a mom yet, buthave enjoyed a bowl of chips in the basement with my best friend while her kids slept upstairs not realizing there was treats in the house ;)

  6. My most memorable bad mom moment is eating a yummy delicious ice cream on the front porch infront of the living room window while my kids watched because they refused to clean up. No ice cream for them. I was outside so I could enjoy it in peace and not listen to them cry and whine.

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