Show Off Easy Old Hollywood Waves for the Holidays with Haircare Products from Shoppers Drug Mart

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I’ve always admitted that I’m a bit of a holiday fanatic. I love everything about the Christmas season, from the food and decorations to the parties and celebrations. And of course, one of the best things about all those parties is showing off a sensational holiday look! A Christmas gathering means a chance to try that one swoon-worthy style that’s best suited to the holidays or another special occasion. And this year, I’ll be getting picture perfect for the holiday season with help from some of the many great hair products available at Shoppers Drug Mart!

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In my younger years, I didn’t know much about creating fun hairstyles, so my fanciest look tended to be a simple bun. Now that I’ve developed a love of fashion and beauty, I’ve become much more experimental with my looks. And I’ve learned that having the right hair products for that stellar style makes all the difference! So I’ve decided that for the 2016 holiday season, I’ll be showing off glamorous Old Hollywood Waves created with Nexxus® and TRESemmé® styling products!

kathryn blow drying hair

To start the style, I washed my hair, applied Nexxus® Mousse Plus® Volumizing Foam and blow-dried my tresses until they were dry. The mousse isn’t a must for this style, but it’s nice for anyone that wants to add a bit of extra volume to their hair. Then I applied TRESemmé® Thermal Creations® Heat Tamer® Hair Spray to my hair to help protect it from damage as I added curls.

kathryn using nexxus spray

Finally, I turned to the one must-have product for this style – Nexxus® Comb Thru® Natural Hold Design & Finishing Mist. This spray provides great hold for hair without feeling stiff or sticky. I sprayed it lightly through my hair and then brushed through my locks again. With my hair properly prepped, it was time to start curling!

kathryn curling hair

The secret to this style is working in small sections to make even curls over the entire head. I have both a curling iron and an automatic curler and while I tried this style with both of them, I found the standard curling iron was the better choice for this look. While it takes a little more effort to ensure the curls are even, the curls have a much softer look. There’s no need to clamp each curl; just wrap the hair around the barrel and hold until the curl is set! Winding the hair into a rope to create a nice, soft curl is a must and after releasing each curl, I tugged it down gently to loosen the look just a little.

kathryn brushing out curls

When my hair was fully curled, it was time for the final step in creating this Hollywood glam style. Using a natural boar bristle brush, I brushed through my curls until they softened into waves. Then I set the waves with a final spray of Nexxus Comb Thru Natural Hold Design & Finishing Mist. The mist was perfect for ensuring my hair kept its curl while still looking soft, touchable and manageable.

kathryn hollywood waves tutorial

Looking for more great holiday hair styles? Look no further than Shoppers Drug Mart! With great products from Dove, Nexxus and TRESemmé as well as tips and ideas for finding your perfect style, you’ll look and feel amazing at your big holiday get-together this year! And earning Shoppers Optimum® Points on all your purchases means that you’ll get rewarded for looking your best!

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While this style takes a little more time and effort, the final results are well worth it. But if you prefer a simpler style, don’t overlook more basic looks like a voluminous ponytail or a classic blowout. With styling products from Dove, TRESemmé and Nexxus to add a little oomph, you’ll still be turning heads at your festive fete. Grab the must-have styling products at Shoppers Drug Mart and make sure your look is picture perfect during all your holiday events!

Find everything you need to love your look this holiday, with TRESemmé, Nexxus and Dove at your local Shoppers Drug Mart. To check out more looks like this one and see what else is on your Holiday To ‘Do List visit

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  1. good to know about these great products to help one for the special occasions; (now if only I could buy some hair to add to my thinning hair.

    1. Mine too! You know what works well for hair like ours? Curling with a flat iron! The curls last WAY longer than using a curling iron; it’s kind of the same concept as curling a ribbon on a holiday package. I’m still working on mastering it but it’s amazing what a difference it makes!

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