Kids Will Love the Realistic Antics of Tekno Newborn Puppies and Kittens

One of the best things about technology is the way it lets us experience the things we love in new ways. My boys love animals and have begged for a dog for years now, but in our current small townhouse, a pet just isn’t feasible. Yet thanks to some of the clever new tech toys available, my boys can still enjoy some of the fun of having a pet! Tekno Robotics pets have been a favourite friend for kids since 1999 and now the company’s new and improved Tekno Newborns are giving kids a brand-new way to play!

tekno newborn in box

Whether you love puppies or kittens, there’s a Tekno Newborn for you. And just like eight-week-old puppies and kittens, these robotic pets love to play! The pets will walk, sit, beg and jump into your hand on command, and can even be programmed to sing! But even better, the newborns interact not just with kids, but also with any other Tekno pets in the household!

I recently received the Tekno Newborn Puppy to check out for myself and I fell in love with the adorable animal as soon as I saw it. Sized to fit in the palm of a hand, this little pet is a perfect stocking stuffer for the upcoming holidays. I especially liked the fact that it was powered very simply with two AAA batteries.

tekno newborn puppy

Interacting with the little puppy couldn’t have been easier. Once switched on, he responded to sound and to touch with tricks, barks and wiggles. To make him jump, I just pressed and held the button on his head, then gave him a pat to start him moving. Watching the little fellow jump off the table into my hands was so much fun!

Best of all, when kids are done playing, a simple flick of a switch turns off the frisky pup until they’re ready to play with him again. And with puppies and kittens in six various colours to choose from, every child is sure to find a favourite newborn pet to love!

tekno newborn jumping

This little puppy friend has quickly become a favourite toy in our household, especially with my youngest son. The friendly antics of the animal always make Benjamin giggle and just like me, he loves watching the puppy jump into his arms! Find the Tekno Newborn animals in Walmart, Canadian Tire and other select stores across Canada now, and get ready to surprise a special child with a fun new robotic animal friend!

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  1. My daughter (4) would be delighted with either, but given the choice she would probably choose the kitten. She loves the tv commercial for the most on Treehouse channel as well.

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