Discover Truly Pure Water with the ZeroWater Water Filtration Pitcher

I’m notorious for not drinking enough water in the course of a day, and part of the reason for that is the fact that I like my water completely tasteless and pure. If water has even the slighted taste of chlorine or iron, I struggle to finish my glass. We have a filtering water pitcher, but even water from the pitcher often has a slight taste remaining. So, when ZeroWater gave me the chance to test out one of its home water filtering devices, I was intrigued. I couldn’t wait to see if I could notice a difference between the ZeroWater filtration and our current pitcher.

zerowater water filtration pitcher

I received the ZeroWater 23 Cup Water Filtration Pitcher to review, which was the perfect choice for a family of four. I loved the compact design that let me store almost six litres of water in the fridge. And I was especially excited to see that I wouldn’t just have to taste the water to see if I noticed a difference…the ZeroWater Pitcher included a testing unit to let me measure the total dissolved solids in the water!

Of course, I knew I had to experiment to see what our water’s current PPM, or parts per million, was, and what the PPM of the water from our current pitcher was as well. Knowing that ZeroWater promised its water would have a reading of zero, I was pretty shocked to learn our tap water had a PPM reading of 280! Even more surprising was that the water in our current filtering pitcher had a reading of 250. Clearly, it was time for a better filtering solution!

zerowater vs. tap water

As promised, the reading from the ZeroWater dispenser was a flat zero, with no PPM reading at all. And as much as I loved having that visual testament to how clean the water was, the real proof was in that first sip. The water was clean, pure and refreshing, easily one of the best glasses of water I’ve ever had. And since getting the ZeroWater system, I’ve noticed the entire family is drinking more water! (Though using the fun dispenser might be part of the appeal!)

zerowater tap

Having tried the ZeroWater filtration pitcher, I won’t be going back to our previous pitcher again. The filters, at about $40 CAD each, are pricier than some water filter options available, but in my opinion the cost is well worth it for the delicious, pure water that we get to enjoy. Find ZeroWater products at select stores across North America and taste the difference for yourself. You’ll be blown away by just how much better properly filtered water is!

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