Breastfeeding is Easier with Undercover Mama Nursing Clothing

undercover mama nursing tank

In just two more months, I’ll be saying hello to the newest member of our family when my third son is born. And even though I’ve been through this before, I’m still feeling a little overwhelmed as I prepare for the big day!

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be organizing Baby’s sleeping space, my hospital bag, a diaper bag and, of course, my own wardrobe!

As a breastfeeding mama, I’m a big fan of the way nursing clothing helps make breastfeeding anytime and anywhere an easy and comfortable experience.

And Undercover Mama promised to make a good thing even better with its unique line of nursing tanks and shirts perfect for layering. Able to be worn with either a regular bra or a nursing bra, these shirts offered a versatility I’d never seen before, and I couldn’t wait to test them out.

nursing shirt attachments

I received a UC Mama Tank and a Nursing Shirt to review. Both used the classic Undercover Mama design that doesn’t feature shoulder straps but instead, boasts clips to attach the front of the shirt to a bra.

I noticed that there was both a plastic clip and a rubber ring for hooking the shirt to the bra and realized that the clip is for use with a regular bra, while the rubber ring is for nursing-shirt functionality with a nursing bra.

By slipping the rubber ring over the clip of my nursing bra, I could undo both shirt and bra with one easy movement to feed my baby.

The clip, on the other hand, simply slipped over the strap of my regular bra to hold it in place. Since the shirts are made to be nice and long, they both doubled as maternity shirts when used with a regular bra. I loved the soft, stretchy material that covered my growing stomach!

But while I enjoy wearing both shirts now, I’m especially excited to use them once my baby is born. They’ll be so light and comfortable for summer nursing, and I love that I can wear them with any bra I own!

nursing shirt

Undercover Mama clothing provides exactly the kind of versatility and comfort that I want in nursing clothing, and I love that I can still wear the layering tank even after I’ve finished breastfeeding!

Whether you’re expecting, currently nursing or just looking for a comfortable and versatile layering piece for summer, these tanks and shirts are worth checking out. Order your favourite now to help make caring for your little one just a little bit easier!

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  1. I would get emerald. I love Undercover Mama tanks! I have a few already…I wear them pretty much every day!

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