Keep Your Home Looking Clean All Summer with Libman-Giveaway

Of all the things that I love about summer, one of my favourites is having company visit. From relatives coming from out of town to my boys’ neighbourhood friends just coming to play for a few hours, a full house is a summer house in my mind!

But more people mean more cleaning, and when we have visitors, the last thing I want to be doing is cleaning. That’s why I love my Libman cleaning supplies. The company offers an array of versatile and effective cleaning products including mops, brooms, buckets and more to help make a clean house easy.

libman cleaning mops and brooms

Recently I received an assortment of Libman products to help ensure my home is always ready for company and while some I’d used before, others were brand new to me. I especially liked the Freedom Spray Mop. With its reusable cloth pad and reservoir for cleaning solution, it made quick cleanups so easy!

For bigger jobs, the Tornado Mop with the Clean and Rinse Bucket was a dream for effective floor cleaning. The bucket was nice and large so that I only needed to fill it once to wash every floor in our house. And the mop was easy to wring out, leaving just the right amount of moisture in the fibres for a perfectly clean, yet quick-drying floor.

libman cleaning supplies

To help you get your house looking its best this summer, Libman is offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a prize pack containing all the products I received, a $95 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about the biggest summer mess you have to tackle.

I have never been a fan of cleaning but with the right tools, it’s amazing how much easier the job becomes. And Libman has really mastered the art of making cleaning easier! Find the products at Home Depot and Canadian Tire stores across Canada and ensure your house is ready for summer company at a moment’s notice!

mommy kat and kids RP

131 thoughts on “Keep Your Home Looking Clean All Summer with Libman-Giveaway”

  1. Kids are daily spilling juice, milk and dropping their food. Floor becomes so sticky I have to be washing constantly

  2. I recently removed all of the carpet in our house and replaced it with tile, thinking that would be easier to clean, but it turns out that the carpet actually absorbed a lot of the dust and dirt that now rest on top of the tiles.

  3. I would say mud but their has not been any rain. My biggest mess this summer would have to be all the kids stuff that they bring in from going to the pool and just set where ever it lands.

  4. The biggest summer messes for me is the dirt and dust that comes in with the dogs and hubbys shoes and the sticky drops of popsicles from the grandchildren

  5. A baby and toddlers have created more sticky food/juice situations this summer..I’ve stepped in banana goop, random cheerio or raisins…it’s been a challenge cleaning up after these busy little people!

  6. My biggest summer mess is the mud, grass and general wet mess the kids track in when they’re playing in the sprinkler.

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