Moms Know Best: University Student Care Package Essentials for Your Kids

No matter how old your kids get, you’ll never stop being their mom. So naturally, when that bittersweet milestone finally becomes a reality (yes, I’m talking about college or university), you’ll sleep better at night knowing that you’ve equipped them with the tools and the advice they need to succeed.

Of course, kids can be stubborn about taking advice from Mom and Dad. So keep it short and sweet with a few quick tips and some great university student care products from Church & Dwight that will have them ready for anything!

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Dress to Impress with Spotless Clothing

Let’s face it, stain removers, sorting and scooping are not for students. They’re just looking for an easy solution to the challenge ahead – no clean socks or underwear and they’ve got a date in a few hours. Send them off to school with a container of the new Arm & Hammer™ Plus OxiClean™ 3-In-1 Power Paks. This all-in-one detergent tackles tough stains, doesn’t require any measuring or scooping and is student-budget friendly. If you’re lucky, it may also mean you’re not greeted with a load of dirty laundry every time your kid comes home to visit! 
Tip: Don’t be surprised when you receive a call or text saying, “Mom, how do I sort my laundry?” Or “Where do I find the washing instructions?” To help make laundry easier (and prevent shrinking t-shirts and colour bleed disasters at the same time!), educate them on the proper laundry symbols. Click the graphic below to download a fun laundry symbols postcard from Arm & Hammer Laundry that lists the most common symbols and what they mean.

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Teach Them to Take Sexual Safety Seriously

One of the biggest challenges as a parent is how to talk to your kids about safe sex. While it can be uncomfortable, it’s a necessary conversation and a part of life! The harsh reality is that kids are having sex, yet not properly protecting themselves. In fact, one study found that almost two-thirds of post-secondary students across the country had a sexual encounter within the past year. Furthermore, 72% of students engaged in intercourse during their last sexual encounter, yet only about half (51%) reported using a condom. Having been a foolish teenager myself, I know full-well now as a parent that teaching kids to use protection is much more important than sticking my head in the sand!

Tip: If you have a child heading off to school, let them know that you trust them to make smart decisions by buying condoms for them and packing them in their suitcase.  Trojan™ condoms are the number one condom choice of Canadians for protection.

Remember Sometimes Kids Know Best!

Just because you’re the one who’s prepping the kids for back-to-school, doesn’t mean they can’t teach you a cool thing or two – beauty hacks are no exception! One must-have item that’s as just as popular amongst moms as with students is Batiste Dry Shampoo. It is the world’s #1 dry shampoo for a reason – it instantly refreshes your hair between washes, no water required.  It works by absorbing excess oil from the roots leaving hair looking clean and fresh. 

So, whether you’re running late or just looking for an instant refresh, new Batiste Dry Shampoo Heavenly Volume is a saving grace as it has the additional benefit of transforming hair with gorgeous, touchable volume and bounce. This is one item you won’t forget any time you’re in a pinch and who knows, you might even find yourself sneaking into her bag to borrow some when you’re out!

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I must admit that I’m pretty happy I still have a few years before I have to deal with that combination of worry and pride that comes with seeing my boys leaving home to head out on their own. But when that day does come, I’ll be making sure they leave prepared with as much advice (and as many handy Church & Dwight products) as they can handle!

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  1. My best tip for a young adult leaving home for the first time is to keep a budget and stick to it.Remember to spend wisely so you don’t get into financial trouble.It is expensive for young people who are trying to get through college or university.

  2. Rosanne Robinson

    My best tip for a teen leaving home for the first time is to call home regularly and enjoy the experience.

  3. If the school your going to has a meal plan, get it! I’m not sure I would have ate at all my first year (other than coffee and chocolate) if I did not have my meal card!

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Always pay off your credit card in full at the end of each month and remember family is just a phone call away.

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