7 Accessories Every Woman Needs in Her Beach Bag

Oh, the beach. It is one of those places that we all dream of spending a warm, sunny day enjoying – maybe with a book or drink (or both) in hand – but sometimes the reality can be a little jarring. Especially if you find yourself without the necessary accessories. We all know that every beach outing requires sunscreen and a good bathing suit, but there are a few things that we sometimes don’t think about until it is too late. So, before you head off to the beach next time, make sure that you grab these seven accessories to throw in your beach bag.

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A Great Beach Bag

First and foremost, if you need to fill your bag with the right beach necessities, you need the right beach bag. This bag needs to be large enough to meet all of your needs, have tons of pockets and compartments that can keep precious items away from the sand, be durable and sun resistant, and still look super cute and stylish. Thankfully, there are tons of companies that have this formula all figured out, so finding the right bag shouldn’t be too much of an effort. Check out Swim Wear Galore beach bags and find the perfect bag for all your beach days.

Watch Your Watch

There are a few choice accessories that we tend to wear every day that can easily be ruined by an afternoon at the beach, like a watch. From the sand to the saltwater, the beach can wreak havoc on a watch, which is why everyone should get a stylish waterproof watch. From sports options to more classic designs, there are plenty of styles out there on the market that are bound to look great with any of your swimsuits.


Not only do they protect the delicate skin around your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, a great pair of sunglasses can also make you look like you just stepped off the set of a Hollywood movie. Practical and stylish, sunglasses are a definite must for your beach bag. Though you might want to take a pair that you do not necessarily care too much about, just in case they get swept away in a tide – meaning, leave the Prada pair at home.

Lip Balm

Your body isn’t the only part of you that needs sunscreen! Don’t forget about taking care of your lips while you lounge and make sure to take a tube of some SPF lip balm with you in your bag.

Portable Charger

Relaxing on the beach with nothing but the waves crashing for a soundtrack sounds like paradise, but usually beaches are full of people and noises that you would rather not be focusing on while tanning – which is when blasting some tunes from your Smartphone comes in. Unfortunately, playing music from your phone will definitely drain its battery, so you need to make sure to bring some sort of portable charger (or maybe even a battery case).

Something to Read

Beach reads are an entire genre of book unto themselves for a reason. It is because they are light and easy to digest, which is exactly what you want when lounging on the sand. Of course, you can break open Infinite Jest if it has been on your reading list for years, but we are willing to bet that you might want something a little lighter for the beach…like a fun murder mystery or an insightful read full of tips on living life to the fullest.

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Some Serious Moisturizer

Great, you remembered the sunscreen and you applied it every few hours like you were always told to do (maybe every half-hour on your kids), but did you remember to take some really good moisturizer? The sun and salt water can both be really hard on the skin, working to dry it out, so it is super important that you replenish some moisture to your skin once you get off the sand. Though you may intend to do it once you get home, you just might forget, so just make it a habit to apply after you have rinsed off. Plus, lotion will help that tan you just worked on for hours to last a little bit longer – wasn’t that the whole point of the beach anyway?

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    1. I adore Naked Bee lotion, it absorbs quickly and the Grapefruit Blossom Honey variety smells AMAZING. :) But if you’re sensitive to scents, Attitude has a great lotion for sensitive skin!

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