Best Gift Ideas For Your Little Gamer

With kids in the house, the excitement over the holiday season is palple. It’s in every glass of eggnog you sip, gingerbread man you ice, and classic Christmas movie you watch together. Every kid waiting for Santa is bubbling with anticipation, and it’s building with each turn of the advent calendar.

(That small piece of chocolate to start the day only adds fuel to the fire!)

Their excitement is contagious, and the big day always arrives faster than you thought possible. In addition to doing all the fun stuff with your kids, you have presents to buy! Between your own children, nieces and nephews, cousins, godchildren, and your friends’ kids, you don’t always have time to brainstorm the perfect present for everyone on your list or waste time window-shopping during peak holiday hours.

Good thing we’ve got you covered. Here’s a shopping list of gamer-approved presents that will satisfy every kid on your list, so that when December rolls around, you’ll be ready.

Kid-Friendly Games

lego video games

PlayStation has a huge catalogue of games that runs the gamut of genres. Few will be as tame as the games you remember playing in your youth, even if you preferred fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter at the arcade. Thanks to improved processors and graphics, many of the top PS4 games portray violence, gore, and disturbing content in stunning clarity.

It may be a few years until you feel comfortable letting your kids play Grand Theft Auto V or Hitman, despite the long and very detailed list of reasons why they think they should.

Luckily, blood and suggestive imagery aren’t the only benefits of improved tech; PlayStation has a whole list of kid-approved, family-friendly games you’ll feel good about leaving under the tree.

Quick tip: any LEGO video game is a guaranteed hit with your kids. With LEGO Batman, Marvel’s Avengers, Indiana Jones, and more to choose from, you’re sure to find a block version of their favourite characters. Best of all, you never have to worry about exposing them to something horrible with these games. Pair the game up with its LEGO playset, and you’ve got a perfectly curated gift!

PlayStation Hardware

ps4 hardware

If your children already have enough video games, use the console itself as a stepping stone for gift ideas. You can make their Christmas with just one or two accessories designed to revolutionize the gaming experience.

A headset is a gift for Mom as much as it is for your child. They’ll love the surround-sound and crystal-clear audio offered with any of these headsets, and you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet that descends on the house once they plug in.

Though you may have a rule about eating and playing video games, you can tell by the state of their controller and console that they’re bending the rules to nibble on some gingerbread. If you’re tired of scrubbing away the evidence of their snacking, leave a PS4 controller skin in their stocking.

It’s one of the relatively inexpensive gamer-approved presents to add to your list, and you can customize the best PS4 skins according to your kid’s favourite colours and textures. Any parent will love how the grime and scratch-free material is super easy to clean.

Funko Pops

funko pop character

With big eyes and adorable little noses, Funko Pops figures are one of the cutest trends to hit pop culture in recent memory. As they’ve grown in popularity amongst kids and adults alike, the number of characters available as a petite, child-like figurine has increased.

Almost every fandom is represented, from an adorable baby Groot to charming little Cogsworth and everything in between. You’ll be able to find a Funko Pop version of their favourite video game character with ease, including the Overwatch crew and Banjo Kazooie.

Pokémon Accessories

pokemon set

If you have kids that are still hunting for Pokémon, despite the chill of the season, a Pokémon Trainer Set could be the best gift this year. Its Pokédex comes stacked with creatures’ individual stats, pictures, and information so they know what equipment they need to catch their next Pokémon.

It’s also paired with ID tags, a minature Pikachu, a Pokéball to hold him in, and a glove just like the one Ash wears. Put them all together and your little Poké hunter will look the part the next time you boot up Pokémon Go together.

The best thing about all these gamer-approved presents is that they’re appropriate for young and old, from children to teenagers. And of course, nobody knows better what gamer gifts might be the most loved than your child. So when in doubt, ask for a few suggestions and pick your favourites for guaranteed smiles on Christmas morning!

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