Trigger Favourite Memories with New Scents from Pine-Sol

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Studies have shown that scent is one of the most powerful memory triggers we have, and that’s something I’ve found to be true time and time again. Sometimes, I know exactly why a scent is memorable. Other times, I’m caught off guard by the wave of memories an aroma suddenly brings.

The scent of lilacs, for example, always reminds me of my old house in the small town of Lumsden. There was a large lilac bush just outside the front door and every spring, I would enjoy the sweet aroma that drifted into the house.


Lavender, another favourite, reminds me of cozy fall days. I had a lavender plant in my garden at one point and used to dry the flowers in the fall to tuck into sachets in drawers. The scent was always strongest and sweetest in the fall.

And orange, along with some other citrus scents, reminds me of my teenage years, when citrus scents were my absolute favourite. I loved dabbing my favourite citrus perfume on my wrists before heading off to high school.

That’s why I’m delighted by the new variety of scents from Pine-Sol. While the scent of pine is one I really enjoy since it reminds me of summers spent in B.C. visiting family, I do love some variety when it comes to the aroma of my cleaning products.


I actually only used the Lavender Clean Pine-Sol previously, because it made cleaning feel a little more relaxing. But after trying the Mandarin Sunrise Pine-Sol, I have a new favourite! Not only does the scent make me feel more energetic, it makes me reminisce about my carefree teenage days as I clean!

If you find that certain smells evoke different memories for you, make sure to check out the various scented cleaners offered by Pine-Sol and pick one that triggers your own happiest memories. Remembering special moments from the past will have you through your chores in no time!

14 thoughts on “Trigger Favourite Memories with New Scents from Pine-Sol”

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Pine sol wouldn’t evoke memories for me, mum used Dettol – Johnson’s Baby Powder does though and I still love that smell 60 yrs later! :-)

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