Revolutionizing My Cleaning with the Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum

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When we moved into our brand-new house at the end of October, I spent plenty of the coming days admiring its details. The way the walls changed colour in the right light, the way the under-cabinet lighting made our countertops shine…but my favourite little feature was how clean our house felt!

Naturally, I want to make sure it stays that way. But with two older boys and a baby in the house, that’s no easy task! Dirt and sand dragged into the house by Zackary and Benjamin and the constant spitting up from Cormac can make my small spot-cleaning jobs feel endless at times.


I’ve been a fan of Dyson products for years now, and I knew if any product could help me keep my house looking like new, it would be a Dyson. So, I was thrilled when I got the chance to review the brand-new Dyson V8 Absolute cord-free vacuum. We already have more than one Dyson product in our home, and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

The Dyson V8 promised to revolutionize the way I clean, and I knew from experience that Dyson knows how to keep its promises. This handy stick vacuum is light, easy to manoeuvre and comes with a suite of accessories that make it perfect for hard floors, carpet, blinds, spot jobs and more.


My favourite feature of this lightweight vacuum? No cords! The rechargeable vacuum provides between 25 and 40 minutes of cleaning time, depending on the suction and accessory being used, and can be moved from place to place in a flash without worrying about finding different outlets.

But I also loved the innovative soft roller cleaning head. Our new house has more hard floors than it does carpet, and I’ve never found a quick and easy way of making sure those floors are spotless…until now! The roller removes debris, but its soft design also cleans up the dust that sweeping often misses. It’s quick, easy and the perfect way to maintain my clean floors until I do my monthly floor washing.


The truly great thing about the Dyson V8 Absolute, though, is that it can go from job to job in a flash to make it a handy tool for the whole family. My husband is usually the one that keeps the cars clean, and the Dyson V8 is his new preferred choice for vacuuming floors and seats once he’s converted it to its handheld form by removing the pole and attaching the mini motorized tool.

Similarly, I tended to neglect cleaning our area rug in the family room, since it’s the only carpet on the main floor. Dragging the full-sized vacuum around and plugging it into the wall just to vacuum that small spot was such a pain. But with the Dyson V8 ready and waiting, I just switch the soft roller head for the direct drive cleaner head and get to work!


The Dyson V8 comes with a wall-mounted holder that I think is especially clever. The charging cord loops up through the back so that I can have it plugged in and charging as it’s mounted on the wall. When I need to grab the vacuum for a quick cleaning job, I know it will be charged and ready to use. The holder also keeps any two of my favourite stick vacuum attachments at the ready.

So far, I’ve used the Dyson V8 for hard floors, carpet, vehicles, window blinds and dusting the high corners of our rooms. The attachments don’t just give the vacuum versatility, they’re also quick and easy to switch out when I start a new cleaning job.


As promised, the Dyson V8 has helped revolutionize the way I clean. It makes quick maintenance cleaning so easy that our house always feels pleasant and our big monthly clean takes less work. And with up to 40 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge, I’m able to take the V8 from the top to the bottom of our house without the battery ever running dry.

For small spaces like apartments and townhouses, the Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum is the only vacuum a family would need. And even for bigger houses, it’s a must for quick cleaning jobs and the versatility that will have everyone in the household using it. Check out the full range of Dyson V8 vacuums and see why they’re a must-have for any busy family!

37 thoughts on “Revolutionizing My Cleaning with the Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum”

  1. This looks great and I need a better vacuum! One that’s lightweight and cordless like this might also be fun for my kids to work with!

  2. This looks so handy we have a full size Dyson and lugging it outside to vacuum our vehicles is a workout. I’m putting this on my wishlist.

  3. I have had one of these on my wish list for a bit now, it does look like would be very handy! Love that it is cord free!

  4. Alison Braidwood

    Totally jealous. My trusty Bissell died after 10 years and now I have a cheap and cheerful (non-Bissell) that spreads dirt rather than picking it up. I’ll seriously think about replacing it with a Dyson.

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