5 Tips to Buying Good Mountain Bike Lighting

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Mountain bike riding is a fun and involved activity. Whether you plan to do cross-country riding, dirt jumping, freeride, trail riding, classic mountain biking or even downhill riding, you need to have the right gear and equipment. Mountain bike lights are part and parcel of these vital necessities, unless you don’t mind potentially dangerous rides when mountain biking at night.

Mountain bike lights come in a wide range of varieties, depending on the place that you wish to go riding and the spot you want lighting mounted. When buying lights, you also need to keep in mind that you need people behind and ahead to see you. Also, proper mountain bike lighting allows you to efficiently maneuver those high-incline climbs. It’s important to assess your needs before you make your purchase. To make your shopping experience a breeze, here are 5 tips to buying good mountain bike lighting.


1. Ensure the Lights Properly Fit

Whether you want to mount your lights on the helmet or bar, it is essential to make sure that the light fits well. A light that does not fit tends to keep wobbling, which may increase the chances of getting into an accident. When buying the lights, it is advisable to visit the store with your bike so that you can try the different available options. For light-fitting, you can choose lights that use straps or even those that are clamped, depending on the intensity of your mountain biking activity.

2. Consider Power Consumption and Safety

When making bike light purchases, it is also smart to consider the power and the safety of your lights in case of slightly bad weather like drizzling or sleet. The type of lights that you choose should not have complications such as overheating or even circuitry complication.

3. Brightness and Beam Type

For brightness, it’s important to choose different levels for the front and back of the bike. In front, go for the brightest lights, and try to find adjustable ones. However, lights for the rear/hind side of the bike need to be dim to avoid distracting riders behind you. The most ideal beam type for you will depend on the activity that you’re taking part in. For a straight ride (which can also be fast), you will only need lights with narrow beams. For more technical rides, on the other hand, you need lights with wider beams since you need to see a wider area in front of you.

4. Battery Life

Light engineers have made a lot of advancements in battery life for mountain bikes. When shopping, go for lights that can last the entire ride. You may sometimes be required to push your limits, and in such cases, you need lighting that can indicate the time that you have remaining before the battery dies. It’s a good idea to also ensure that you buy lights that do not consume a lot of energy. Currently, LED lights are the best low-consumption option available.

5. The Charging System Is Essential

Buying lights with a complicated charging system can be daunting when you run into an emergency, either after or during the bike ride. Go for lighting options that won’t give you a hard time when it comes to recharging. Smart circuits, for instance, are easy to recharge. In case you forget your charger, always make sure you have a backup battery.

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Testing your lights for both grip and efficiency is critical before making your purchase. Also, it is important to pick a type of lighting that provides adjustability depending on the type of rides that you enjoy. For instance, you might start your ride on rocky hills and rough terrain before coming to a smooth road.

For this reason, you will need a light whose beam you can adjust accordingly. Excellent mountain bike lighting will give you the thrilling experience you want, while also helping to keep you safe on the road.

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