Show Off Your Family’s Christmas Cheer with Shinesty Suits

If there’s one thing I love, it’s dressing up. And one of my favourite things about the holidays is that there are so many more chances to do that!

Having three boys in the house means I don’t get to pick out frilly dresses and sparkling bows, but I do still share my love of fashion with my boys. Most of the time, that just means suggesting tasteful clothing combinations.


But Christmas is a time to go all-out, and when I saw the matching Christmas outfits for families from Shinesty, I fell head-over-heels in love. Luckily for me, the company kindly sent the whole family a set of matching suits (with a dress for me) to review!

There is nothing understated about Shinesty suits. With bold designs, brilliant patterns and fully coordinated pieces for every member of the family (even the furry ones), this clothing is made to turn heads.


Choosing the style was one of the hardest things for me. I loved the brightness of the Pine Tree Playboy outfits, but there were no matching kids’ clothes. I was seriously tempted by the Millennial Snowflake style, but I knew I couldn’t go TOO wild if I wanted to get my husband into his own suit.

So, I decided on the fun and festive Navy Nordic collection. Featuring a bold Nordic-inspired print on a navy-blue background, the outfits were “snow” much fun! And the men’s suit was a little subtler, with the Nordic print at the bottom of the blazer instead of all over like the kids’ suits.


When the Shinesty suits and my adorable wrap dress arrived, I couldn’t wait to start snapping pictures. First, I took a few shots with Baby Cormac by the Christmas tree, then I got the boys to show off their suits against our snowy backyard backdrop.

The pictures turned out great, and our next stop is the mall to let all three boys snap a photo with the man in red himself in their matching gear. Then, this weekend, we’ll be showing off our stylish outfits when we host a family Christmas party!


In addition to completely fabulous Christmas suits, Shinesty also offers outfits for every occasion from Valentine’s Day to Thanksgiving. You can even get a blazer featuring your favourite NFL team’s logo!

But for me, the best Shinesty suits are the ones in the family Christmas collection. And showing off our matching holiday suits is going to be a tradition I’m going to keep going as long as my kids let me!

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