Working From Home? How to Set Up Your Office for Maximum Productivity

For many people, especially moms paying hefty daycare fees, working from home is the dream. There’s no need for child care, you can be there at school pick up, you can even do housework in between jobs.

Any work-from-home mothers will tell you it’s wonderful not having to place your little ones in the care of strangers or sit through a long commute.

But working an intensive job from your laptop while the kids are fussing and the dirty dishes are piling up is plenty stressful at times too. At least with working in corporate setting, there’s less distraction!

Despite those challenges, though, I’ll always prefer working from home. The lack of hierarchy and office politics is certainly welcome.

You’re the IT person, stationery supplier and even fire safety representative (even if all the job really entails is buying a fire extinguisher sign).

But it can often be difficult to work to your full potential with so many distractions and sticky hands that require your attention. Balancing home responsibilities with work done at home is tough!

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So, with that in mind, here are a few simple home office productivity tips that will help you make the most of your time working from home:

Arrange Your Home Office For Productivity

Having an oak-paneled dream space with heavy bookcases and a gorgeous view into the grounds of your property would be lovely.

However, you live in a family home. Try to set up your home office in a quieter part of the house that doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

If you can, decorate it a soothing color like pale green, which is meant to be great for productivity. Make sure the area you’re working in has a window, as natural light is good for you physically and mentally.

And fill the space with everything you need to be productive, whether that’s pencils and file folders or a camera and photo props.

Get Comfy

A good office chair is your next step. You’re never going to get any work done if your back is sore or you’re hunched over your laptop for hours on end without proper support.

Take the time to research different models and, if possible, test them out in a store to make sure you choose one you love.

If you’re like me and prefer changing your work spot now and then throughout the day, consider also adding a comfortable recliner or lounger to your home office.

It will allow you to take breaks from sitting upright at a desk all day while still letting you get work done.

Consider Some Light Exercise Equipment

It may sound a bit flashy, but try having things like resistance bands, an aerobic exercise ball or hand weights nearby.

Exercising is like pressing the refresh button in your brain. It gives you time to think and reanalyze things. And taking care of your body during a busy day is just as important as taking care of your mind!

Declutter Often

Clutter seems drawn to a home office space…even more so if you have children. So, every morning before you begin your daily tasks, try to clear your area of anything that doesn’t belong.

Remove toys, books, empty mugs, that plate from your lunch, old papers and anything else that isn’t serving a purpose. You’ll feel calmer and ready to tackle any challenges that come up.

Dress To Impress

Yes, the perks or working from home are that you can take calls in your PJs. And there are times that’s a-okay!

But being your most productive means taking it seriously. Make the effort to get up, get showered and get dressed in your favourite comfortable, yet fashionable outfit. Feeling great always helps make a day go more smoothly!

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As challenging as working from home can be (especially with a rambunctious toddler running around), I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

And with these tips to help me be as productive as possible, I can make the most of every day both when working and spending time with my family!

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