Create the Perfect Child’s Homework Space with Desks from United Canada

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With two school-aged boys in the house (and one just about a year away from high school), I’ve seen my kids bring home a fair bit of homework.


And while I’m almost always willing to lend a hand if they have questions or need an explanation, I also want them to develop healthy study habits working independently. That’s why having a comfortable and functional homework space is so important to me!

Recently, my middle son had been mentioning that he wished he had a desk where he could do his work. And to my delight, United Canada reached out to me shortly after about reviewing a children’s desk and chair set!


A United Canada children’s desk and chair set has a grow-with-me design that’s appropriate for children from 3 years old right up to 14 years old. Every desk also has a variety of fun and functional features to help kids stay organized. I couldn’t wait to put the desks together and see how they worked for my boys!


I assembled Benjamin’s Einstein Desk first. Building it was relatively quick and easy and most of the tools were provided; I just needed a screwdriver for one step. I quite like assembling furniture and had fun completing the children’s desk and chair with my toddler helping every step of the way.

The chair has a handy guide on the site that let me ensure it was at the right height for my son. To make it taller, I simply pulled up slowly until it clicked into place at the appropriate height. To lower it, I pulled it all the way to the top and then lowered it all the way to the bottom.


For my nine-year-old, who has been eagerly awaiting a growth spurt for a couple of years now, I needed the chair at 34 cm. He tried it out and said the height worked great.

Next it was time to set up his desk! Like the chair, the desk has a guide on the side so that I knew what height to set it. It also featured a pull-out tray for storing paper and stationary, two back shelves perfect for books or knickknacks, and a backpack hook on the side!


The top of the desk on the Einstein also lifts up at an angle, making it ideal for drawing as well as writing. And I loved that the desk top had bumpers in place to ensure that little fingers couldn’t get pinched if the desk top was pushed down unexpectedly!

Benjamin fell in love with his desk at once and quickly accessorized it with some of his favourite room décor. He has been enjoying having a quiet place to complete schoolwork, but also often uses his desk to read a book or play on his Nintendo Switch with friends!


For my oldest son, though, I wanted something a little sleeker and simpler. And the Galileo Desk was the ideal choice. Since Zackary already has a bookshelf and a desktop computer in his room, he didn’t need the extra storage of a bigger desk. He just needed a spot where he could complete homework comfortably.

The Galileo was perfect for that and despite its smaller size, still adjusted to fit children from 3-14. Zack is almost 13 and tall for his age, so I was a little worried he’d be too tall to sit comfortably. I was thrilled to discover that the set is actually still comfortable for kids as tall as 5’7”!


My other favourite feature of the Galileo desk was the optional book holder. It meant that not only could Zackary use the desk and chair for homework, he could also use it for practicing his flute each day. With a proper place to sit and position his music in front of him, I was able to finally set up a schedule for his practice.

Like the Einstein, the Galileo features a tilting desk top, a backpack hook and a cup holder. It also features an optional LED lamp that I know will come in very handy in the next year or two when homework starts to get more intense for my oldest!


Both desks have an ergonomic design that makes them a comfortable place for my boys to sit and work. The chairs have spaces for air flow, so my boys don’t get sweaty after sitting for longer times, and the desk has a non-reflective surface that’s easy on the eyes.

If your child could benefit from one of these amazing desks from United Canada, you’re in luck! The company is offering an exclusive coupon code that will save you 15% on your purchase of any children’s desk and chair set! Just use coupon code MOMS at checkout.


Having a proper homework space has made it so much easier to ensure my boys do their studying, and I love that they’re also able to use their desks for music and art. Since the desks grow with a child, they’re an investment that will be used from the time of a child’s first crayon scribbles right up to the years of writing full-length essays. And that’s an investment that just makes sense for me as a parent!

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  1. I love that they can “grow” with your kids. I hate having to buy the same thing over and over again as the kids grow. It’s wasteful and expensive. My oldest is just in grade 1 but soon she will be needing her own space for homework. I’ll definitely keep these desks in mind!

  2. I must tell my daughter about this seat,I love that it lasts for so many years.Thanks for the detailed review Kathryn.Your little guy is growing so fast !

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