Find a Photographer in Venice and Preserve Your Vacation Memories

Venice, capital of the Veneto region of Italy, is a stunning architectural achievement. Over 100 small human-made islands are connected by a network of canals, forming the transportation routes of the city. This unique characteristic combined with the impressive landmarks and beautiful historic palaces give the entire city a fairy-tale like feel.

Hiring a local vacation photographer has been a hot new trend in recent years. And if you’re planning a trip to the floating city, it’s a good idea to find a photographer in Venice who can make sure that your memories of this special city are preserved in clear detail.

venice rialto bridge

It’s More than a Bridge

With canals instead of roads, Venice also has numerous bridges crossing the canals for pedestrian travel. Many of these bridges are also historic landmarks of the city and make great places for a photo shoot in Venice.

You can find a photographer in Venice to take photos of you on the Rialto Bridge, the most famous bridge over the Grand Canal. There is also the Bridge of Sighs, a somewhat unremarkable structure, but yet one of the most famous in the city. It was across this bridge prisoners had to walk to meet their fate behind bars, and popular legend has it that the collective sighs of the convicted still linger in the walls and stones.

venice italy

Churches and Palaces

St. Mark’s Square is an absolute must-visit for every traveler in Venice, and it’s here that you’ll also be able to see some of the most famous landmarks of the city. The St. Mark’s Basilica is probably Venice’s most famous building, constructed in 1092, and still functions as an important religious center. If you’re impressed by the outside, the interior is absolutely breathtaking, with Byzantine artwork, frescoes, and ornate carvings. Every photographer in Venice will want to include the Basilica and square in their vacation photos.

For another look at the grandeur and style of Venice, you can visit the Doges Palace, which used to be the formal residence of the royal family of the city. Admire the outside and take a tour of the inside for the full effect and to learn more about the history of the royal family and the development of Venice.


A City of Exploration

Whether you’re taking a gondola ride on the Grand Canal or walking the narrow alleys and bridges connecting the various neighborhoods, Venice is a friendly place for exploration. You’re certain to come across some interesting buildings, and wandering can be the best way to get a feel for the atmosphere of the city.

You can also visit some of the smaller islands that aren’t a part of the major network of canals. Consider San Giorgio Maggiore, an easy place to reach by water taxi, which is known for the San Giorgio Monastery and excellent views of the main city of Venice.

Visiting Venice is a dream vacation for many people, and deciding to find a photographer in Venice is a decision that will ensure you never forget just how amazing your vacation was. The local photographers from Localgrapher know the best places in the city to do a photo shoot, so that even in such a popular tourist destination, you’ll get unique, professional-quality photos you can print on canvas, share with loved ones and use to remember your trip for a lifetime.

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  1. A vacation in Venice would be a dream come true. Hiring a photographer is a great way to preserve those wonderful memories.

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