Over 75 Baby Boy and Girl Names from A-Z

One of the highlights of a new baby is choosing the perfect name, and it’s something that takes a lot of careful consideration!

Whether you prefer a unique girl name or a historical boy name or a classic name or a new one, deciding on just the right name among the many baby boy and girl names is no easy task!

If you’re beginning the process of brainstorming names for your new baby boy or girl, here are a few things you might want to consider!

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  • Try out some names that rhyme with your or your partner’s name.
  • You may want to avoid names that are extremely outdated, as those names are sometimes mocked by others when children get older.
  • Consider the meaning of the name and choose one that speaks to you.
  • Ask your partner about their own favourite names, and find one that both of you love.

Biblical names for girls and boys have been popular for years, and range from well-known classic names to lesser-known unique ones. To help you make your decision, take a look at these boy and girl names from A-Z!

Baby Girl Names and Meanings

  1. Ann – One who is favored by God, the grace of God.
  2. Aksa – The blessing of God. Angel, Eye, Soul.
  3. Adda – A beautiful addition to the family.
  4. Billie – A strong protector, one who has a strong will to protect.
  5. Buffy – A newer choice for a baby name which means God’s promise.
  6. Bailey – A courtyard that lies near castle walls or a public official.
  7. Bella – A Christian name which means a beautiful girl.
  8. Cleo – Glory of the Father, or renown of the father.
  9. Carter – To protect, which is a very unique and beautiful name for a girl.
  10. Dominique – Belonging to God.
  11. Daisy – A flower that opens in the day and closes in the night. It is “the day’s eye”, so the daisy.
  12. Demy – Lover of the Earth or the mother of the land.
  13. Eliza – Joyous, happy or exulted.
  14. Fira – Gift of the God, or fiery.
  15. Finley Derived from the Gaelic for fair.
  16. Gabriel – A biblical name that means “God is my strength.”
  17. Gaia – From the land or of the earth.
  18. Gloria – Renowned or famous.
  19. Ida – The goodness of a thing, good knowledge, etc.
  20. Imaani – A belief, who has a firm belief in the faith.
  21. Joan – The gracious gift of God.
  22. Josya – Full of joy.
  23. Katherine – Pure, full of purity.
  24. Lava – A soft voice, similar to that of a bird.
  25. Merry – Biblical name meaning full of delight, light-hearted.
  26. Natasha – A pretty gift of God.
  27. Oixie – The greater power of love.
  28. Prissy – Ancient, respectable.
  29. Questa A searcher, one that loves quests.
  30. Rexy – Queen of heaven.
  31. Sarea – The name of one of the angels.
  32. Tina – Follower of God, devoted to God.
  33. Urania – Heaven, or paradise.
  34. Vannah – God is gracious.
  35. Winona – Firstborn daughter.
  36. Xene – From the new, one who is a newcomer.
  37. Yanira – One who is a gift from God.
  38. Zahara A shining and luminous flower.

Baby Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Alex – A person who fights to defend mankind.
  2. Aiden – A fiery, aggressive and bold young man.
  3. Adam – Belonging the Earth, of the Earth.
  4. Bevis – Luminous and lit-up.
  5. Barron – A person who fights, a fighter.
  6. Carl – A person who sows the seed, a farmer.
  7. Carlos – Cheerful, big-hearted.
  8. Caleb – A person who is fastened firmly to his/her belief.
  9. Daron – A gift from God, a very great man.
  10. Egbert – Someone strong, powerful.
  11. Ferd – Somebody who wishes for peace, who is ardent for peaceful times.
  12. Fenil – The name of a French flower.
  13. Geo – Earth, of the earth.
  14. Galvin – Fair, or white.
  15. Herb – Powerful, a powerful army.
  16. Hank – God is Merciful.
  17. Irving – Somebody who is a friend of the sea.
  18. Isham – An estate of the iron one.
  19. Jack – A biblical name meaning “God is Gracious.”
  20. Jem – Somebody who is appointed by the lord.
  21. Kelvin – From the narrow brook.
  22. Kade – Leader or someone who leads the battle.
  23. Luke – A person who brings shine, brightness, and light with him.
  24. Lazzaro – God has helped.
  25. Monali – To smile or have a sweet attitude.
  26. Merin – One who is pleasant.
  27. Nick – One that enters the world on a Sunday.
  28. Obadiah – Someone who is a servant of the Almighty God.
  29. Paschalis – Man of peace.
  30. Quim – Anything that is established by God.
  31. Ray – A protector who is well-advised or grace or light.
  32. Sean – God is gracious.
  33. Tom – A twin, a double.
  34. Udarak – Somebody who is exalted or excellent.
  35. Vincent – To occupy something.
  36. Wilan – Friend, friendship.
  37. Xoese – One who believes.
  38. Yahu – Children, offspring.
  39. Zachary – A biblical name meaning, “God Remembers.”

Choosing the perfect name for your bundle of joy is one of the most fun and important moments of having a new baby. And no matter what baby name you choose, you’ll love seeing how your little one grows to suit it perfectly!

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  1. I love the name Finley . There are some really nice names on this list that aren’t so common . It’s tough deciding on names .

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