How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner for Your Child’s’ Room

Having our homes at a comfortable temperature makes the space better for the whole family, but it can be especially important for a growing child.

As most pediatricians will say, “If the parents feel that the room is hot enough to need an air conditioner, then the child is even hotter!”


The mechanisms of thermoregulation in children are imperfect, and overheating of a child’s body can contribute to some serious diseases.

However, some parents avoid installing an air conditioner in their child’s room, as there are rumours it can be harmful for children. Is this statement true?

Are air conditioners safe for children?


According to doctors, air conditioning is entirely safe for both adults and children. Excessive heat, stuffiness and stale air pose a much greater danger to children’s health.

As long as parents follow basic installation and operation rules, air conditioners can be a great benefit to children and their overall health.

But while air conditioners can provide benefits, choosing an appropriate one is essential. A child’s body is much more susceptible to drafts since a child’s immune system is weaker than an adult’s.

To avoid hypothermia and colds, it’s important both to choose the right system from and ensure you’re operating it correctly.

How to choose an AC system for kids room

The most important thing to remember when adding an air conditioner to a child’s room is to avoid mobile monoblock air conditioners.

First of all, they tend to be noisy and have low efficiency. They can also be dangerous for young children since their mobile design makes them a tipping hazard

The safest air conditioner option for a child’s room is likely a wall-mounted split system. Considering you want your baby to be able to rest comfortably, a minimum noise level is a must. The leaders here are modern inverter models.

Modern air conditioners can offer some great smart features to ensure a room that’s always comfortable for your child. You can even find an air conditioner for beds that cools the bed specifically and not the rest of the room!

Here are some of the features you may want to consider:

  • Check that the air conditioner you want to purchase has a Wi-Fi control function. This will help control the temperature when you are elsewhere.
  • Make sure the air conditioner has a Silent Mode. It provides a smooth airflow, ensuring quiet operation that will not disturb your child’s sleep.
  • A Night Mode function will help you keep your sensitive child asleep at night. The backlight of the display and the sound signal of the AC system turns off to minimize nighttime distractions.
  • Check for an Emergency function. In this mode, if an error occurs in the temperature sensor, the air conditioner will continue to operate, providing a comfortable temperature in the child’s room.

Best air conditioner features for a child’s room

boys bed disney

With an unlimited budget, it’s easy to get an air conditioner with all the bells and whistles you can imagine. But if you want to save money and get the best bang for your buck, these are the three most important features for an air conditioner in a child’s room:

  • Low noise level
  • The ability to adjust the strength of the airflow
  • Night mode

Perhaps most important and little-known advice for air conditioner operation is that the temperature difference between the street and the bedroom should not exceed 7 degrees. For example, it`s +32C outside, then the temperature in the children’s room should be +25C.

With the correct operation of an AC system, your child does not overheat and is not exposed to temperature extremes.

Choosing the right system and ensuring it’s operating well is essential to ensuring your child’s comfort in their room. Shop around and compare features to find an air conditioner that will give your child plenty of happy days and nights in their room!

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  1. definitely good to know!! even in the winter time , my one daughter gets really hot . she usually sleeps on top of the covers

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