4 Fun Activities That Are Great Exercise Choices

When it comes to exercise, I often struggle with sticking to a regular routine. And I know a large reason for that is because riding a stationary bike or doing reps with weights just isn’t that much fun!

Of course, as a busy mom of three, it’s already hard to fit regular exercise into my day. And when I’m not enjoying the exercise, I’m then more likely to skip a day.

That’s why I’ve decided to hunt out some fun activities that are also a great way to exercise! If you’ve been looking for a better way to stay in shape, these 4 activities are ones you may want to try!

Indoor Rock Climbing


Having trouble finding ways to improve your upper body strength? Well, why not try indoor rock climbing – the perfect way to get a full body workout!

If you have a fear of heights, indoor rock climbing is a great way to start conquering it. You’ll be completely safe with your harness supporting you and and professional staff to help you work through any nervousness.

This is a fantastic activity for a group of friends, and when it comes to exercising, builds not only muscle but endurance and flexibility as well.

In fact, climbing also boosts brain function and reduces stress levels, making it an activity you should definitely look into if work or school is especially intense at the moment. If you feel like you need to get some upper body strength practice before trying rock climbing, a set of monkey bars can be an excellent substitute.

When you finally start climbing, the feeling of overcoming a difficult challenge is a reward that goes above mere exercise. And of course, if you get addicted to indoor rock climbing, you can eventually take your experience and try it outdoors on real rocky surfaces.

Trampoline Park


One activity that you might have fond memories of as a kid is bouncing on the trampoline. Why not recreate that fun by visiting one of the many trampoline parks that can be found in most major cities.

It may not seem like it, but bouncing on a trampoline is an amazing workout. The g-force produced while bouncing helps tone muscle and burn fat.

If you compare trampolining to jogging for 30 minutes, trampolining is up to 68% more effective!

Going to a trampoline park is another great group activity if you and your friends want to try something a little bit different while also doing something active.

Most modern trampoline parks also include a range of obstacles to try. These may include balance beams, ball pits or climbing frames.

Of course, you could always look at buying your own trampoline and using it for exercise at home. Sure, the kids will enjoy it even more, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hop on for 30 minutes as well!


woman kayaking

Instead of hitting the rowing machine why not hit the water and go kayaking for real! There are plenty of lakes and rivers where first-timers can rent kayaking gear and hit the open water.

Kayaking has always been a good low-impact activity that can improve your aerobic and cardiovascular fitness.

It’s also the perfect activity to get away from the noise and stress of work and study, as kayaking in the right environment can be very peaceful.

Of course, if you do build up your experience, you could try something a little more exhilarating like white water river kayaking.

You can even try tandem kayaking with your bestie, so you both get a good, well-balanced workout.



An activity that it is often overlooked, dancing is actually a fantastic exercise that, depending on the style, can work multiple body parts and improves your cardio.

With a large range of benefits, the right kind of dancing can help you lose weight, stay flexible, boost memory, and reduce stress. And you thought it was only for those girl’s nights out!

One of the best things about dancing is the variety of styles that you can try. From jazz to swing to tango, hip hop and more, you’re sure to find a style that suits your body and your personality.

Dance classes also reinforce the commitment to ongoing learning. This makes it easier to stay motivated and keep to your goal of staying active. Consider taking your friends as well, or just make new ones during the class.

If you really want to maximize your workout, you can try one of the several aerobic fitness styles that incorporate music, such as Zumba. And if there’s no dance classes near you, there are plenty of great home videos that teach dancing as well!

I’ve personally tried all four of these activities, and they really do make exercising fun instead of tedious. In fact, I currently incorporate a dance class into my current workout routine!

But no matter which exercise option you choose, you’re sure to have more fun than you would jogging on a treadmill. So get out there and try something new while improving your health!

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  1. fabulous fun filled exercise choices!! That is why i’ll randomly get up and dance lol. Rock climbing is fun too and of course trampolines are the mot fun! I actually have never kayaked before!

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