Brand Awareness: How Familiarity Can Strengthen Your Online Presence As a Blogger

All blogs have humble beginnings, but as you start to grow as a digital creator, so will the demand on your brand.

People don’t just buy into your blog, they’re buying into you. So, focusing on brand recognition as soon as possible will help you to build trust with your readership, and make your blog stand out in an often saturated market.

The more familiar people are with a brand, the more likely they are to trust it. This means they’ll not only come back to your blog again and again but they’ll also share it with friends and family. In short, the more trust you create, the more you can increase blog traffic.

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How is this achieved?

One of the simplest and most effective ways to strengthen your online presence and boost brand awareness across online platforms is by investing in DAM software.

By using DAM software to upload and store all your digital media files on Bynder’s online cloud library, you can create a stronger online image that’s always consistent and unfaltering.

Readers and followers may have a hard time trusting your brand if there are constant discrepancies across your online platforms. Inconsistent logos, a color scheme that contradicts other platforms, and even inaccurate photo uploads can impact trust, and brand awareness will falter. Without DAM you could be inadvertently weakening your brand without realizing it.

But using version control management means you’ll always have access to the latest version of your selected digital files, ensuring everything from your logo to your banners to your written content is displayed first, allowing you to confirm that your chosen file is the right one.

With asset detail overviews you can preview files as you search, allowing you to see everything from the upload date to the content statistics, and even related files you may find useful. Using DAM software means fewer mistakes, and the fewer mistakes you make, the stronger your reputation and brand awareness will be.

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What are the benefits of strong brand awareness?

Customer Loyalty

Building relationships with your readers and followers means that they value your online presence, and are more likely to come to you for advice/entertainment or for the specific products you sell.

This kind of loyalty will ultimately increase your revenue, whether that’s through increased traffic, direct sales or collaborations with brands that will want to utilize your loyal client base.

Attract the Right Talent

As brand awareness grows, you’ll not only be noticed by your followers and readers, you may also attract other blogging talents.

Finding popular guest writers that want to showcase their work on your blog is a great way to increase revenue and levels of trust across your online platforms. And that leads to higher engagement, all thanks to strong brand awareness.

Introduce New Products and Services

Maybe you’re thinking about launching your own merchandise, or something specific that’s related to your blog. Strong brand awareness will help you to launch these products and services with confidence and generate further interest from new followers and third parties.

Whether your blog is a full-time endeavor on its own or just a way of providing additional content for your website, keeping its overall brand and look consistent is a must for good brand awareness. And once your brand awareness is established, you’ll be able to enjoy the trust and influence that brings!

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