10 Tips to Make Kids Clothes Last Longer

Finding cute outfits for our kids is one of the most fun things about being a parent, but sometimes it can sure seem like they need new clothes all the time!

Whether your child’s going through a growth spurt or plays so hard their clothes end up destroyed, keeping their wardrobe stocked can take a big bite out of the family budget.


But luckily, there can be ways to make kids clothes last a little longer! Use these ten tips to help ensure your kids clothes last as long as possible.

1. Purchase Adjustable Clothes

Clothes with an adjustable waistband are a mom’s best friend. They help clothing last through a growth spurt since there’s room to expand.

For even more longevity, buy pants that are a little long and hem them up with a few stitches. When your child grows, you can cut the stitches and loosen the waist so the clothing still fits!

2.  Wash Less

Washing wears clothes out faster than wearing them does, so keep clothes out of the laundry as much as possible!

Of course, kids can get dirty and clothes often need washing after just a day. But if pants and shirts don’t have any visible stains or smells, set them aside to be worn again.

And spot cleaning can be a great option for otherwise clean clothes, too! A quick scrub with a damp cloth on any smaller dirty spots can have clothes ready to wear again the next day, no washing machine required!

3.  Transform Old Into New

Holes, ripped knees or worn hems don’t necessarily have to mean clothes are ready for the garbage! Cut pants with ripped knees and roll or hem the edges to make shorts, instead!

Longer dresses or skirts with wear at the bottom can also be hemmed to make shorter styles. Or turn a sweater with ripped sleeves into a cute vest with a few cuts and a little trimming!

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4.  Rotate the Wardrobe

Kids can often fall into a pattern of wearing just one or two of their favorite skirts or t-shirts over and over again. This means they may wear out those clothes while other outfits are still almost new by the time they’re too small.

To avoid this, rotate the clothes in dressers or wardrobes to ensure new choices are front and center. This will help all the outfits get even wear, so the entire wardrobe lasts longer.

5.  Store Clothes Properly

While jeans and t-shirts are fine in a dresser drawer, fancy clothes often need a little more care. And since they’re often more expensive as well, making sure they’re in good condition is especially important!

Use garment bags to cover suit jackets and dresses and hang them in the closet. On a budget? Use an upside-down garbage bag with a small hole at the top as a makeshift protective cover for dressy clothes!

6.  Reduce Embellishments

That cute reversible glitter design on your child’s shirt may be cute, but it will be the first thing to fall apart, too! For clothes that last, try to stay away from fancy embellishments that will break down quickly in the washing machine.

Instead, look for clothes that are decorated in a more wear-friendly way, like outfits with embroidered designs or pieces that use different well-tailored fabrics to create a great look.

7.  Learn Basic Mending

Sewing can seem intimidating if you don’t have any experience, but learning some basic mending can make clothing last a lot longer!

Check out online tutorials or Youtube videos to learn the basics, then use them to help increase your clothing’s longevity. Simple tricks like repairing a split seam or fixing a zipper can save a lot of money in the long run!


8.  Try To Avoid the Trends

As fun as following the latest trends can be, it can get expensive quickly! New trends come and go so quickly that you’ll find you’re constantly spending to keep up.

And since trendy outfits may look out of place a few months or years down the road, investing in classic styles instead is always a better bet.

9.  Cold Wash and Hang Dry

It may be a bit more tedious, but switching to cold washing and using a clothesline for your laundry routine will mean less stress on the fabric. All that lint in the dryer is actually clothing fiber that’s been worn off in the washing process.

Cold washing puts less stress on the fabric to help minimize wear, and hanging clothes to dry reduces the abrasion on the fabric as it tumbles around.

10. DIY Outfits

If you have a couple of outfits in the house that your kids refuse to wear, don’t just leave them sitting at the back of the wardrobe!

With a bit of DIY, you can transform those clothes into a new favourite outfit. Consider adding inexpensive gemstones or beading to drab clothing, or fun iron-on patches for added style.


There’s no way to make kids clothes last forever…they grow up too fast for that! But with these tips, you may just get another season or two out of some of their outfits!

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  1. My son’s birthday is coming up in a week and that’s why I decided last Monday night after a conversation with my wife that I will be getting some new clothing. I decided to do some research on children’s clothing boutiques and that’s how I stumbled on your very interesting post. I really liked that you explained that for clothes that last, try to stay away from fancy embellishments that will break down quickly in the washing machine. You make a good point here, which I’m sure anyone looking to get their children more clothes will be happy to keep in mind. Thanks for this!

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