4 Easy Ways to Raise Healthy Children

Any parent knows that raising kids isn’t easy. Trying to teach them all the essentials for living a happy life can feel downright overwhelming at times!

But it’s important to remember that a lot of what kids learn comes not from teaching, but from watching the way parents live their own lives.

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That means by modeling the values we want our children to have, we’ll often teach those values at the same time.

When it comes to raising healthy children, start with these 4 habits that will help encourage good health in your kids. It can be an easier task than you think!

Eat Together as a Family

Numerous studies have shown that eating together as a family has numerous benefits, including stronger parent/child bonds, higher grades in school, and healthier kids.

Family meals are a great time to teach good eating habits. Chew food slowly, and teach kids the importance of savouring their food.

Make sure to include a wide range of healthy flavours in meals as well. A varied diet helps ensure kids don’t turn into picky eaters, and also helps them get all the nutrients their bodies need.

Ideally, about half the meal should be made up of fruits and vegetables, with lean protein and whole grains making up the remainder of the meal. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat; just make sure to use balance!

Check In With Your Doctor

A regular visit to your children’s doctor is a great way to make sure that their growth is where it should be and their health is at its best.

At certain times of the year, your doctor may recommend adding vitamin supplements to their diet. Adding a Vitamin D supplement in the winter, for example, can help ensure proper bone growth.

And of course, don’t forget about that annual visit to the dentist! Oral health has a direct correlation to overall health, so book your kids a checkup with a local Brampton dental clinic or a dentist near you.

Get Active

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Physical activity is easily one of the most important elements in ensuring you’re raising healthy children.

Take your kids’ interests into account when finding ways to help them be active; some may prefer the camaraderie and competitiveness of team sports, while others prefer working individually on skills like swimming.

And don’t forget to set a good example for them by planning activities together as a family, too! Hiking, kayaking, and bowling are all great options. Check out these fun family exercise choices for even more ideas!

Limit Screen Time

When it comes to screen time, experts generally agree the less time kids spend in front of a screen, the better. But it can be easy to lose track of time when they’re watching their favourite shows or playing a new video game.

Help them get away from the TV by taking some time together to get outside and explore the great outdoors. You might be surprised at how interesting a simple pinecone or a colourful rock is to a child!

Outdoor activities are a great way to reduce screen time, and help children to better appreciate nature as well. Consider planting a garden together, taking them fishing, or even just visiting the local playground.

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When it comes to raising healthy children, it really can be as simple as making your family’s lifestyle as a whole as healthy as possible.

And the best part is that you’ll benefit as well! Give these easy ideas a try and see for yourself just how fun it can be to help your kids live a healthy life!

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