5 Easy Family Halloween Costume Ideas

From decorating the house to handing out candy, there’s a lot to love about Halloween. And in our family, the best part of the big day is dressing up!

While we usually wear individual costumes we choose ourselves, sometimes we decide to dress as a group instead. Matching Halloween costumes always get great reactions from friends and neighbors.

family halloween costumes

And if you’re on the hunt for great family Halloween costume ideas this year, you’re in luck! These 5 family Halloween costumes are easy, budget-friendly, and sure to be a hit on Halloween night!

Animal Onesies

If your kids are younger, you don’t have to get too complicated with their costumes. Animal onesies for the whole family can be a great way to go.

Whether it’s a tiger costume for Dad, a swan onesie for Mommy, or a dinosaur costume for the baby, you can’t go wrong. You can even have everyone dress up as the same type of animal and then head out as a group.

An animal onesie is an especially great choice for young children on Halloween. They take minimal effort from adults, and they’re so cute—the pictures will look great in the family photo album. 


For an easy DIY family Halloween costume option, witch costumes are always a good choice. Start by heading to your favorite supermarket or dollar store and grabbing witch hats for everyone. Grab them early as they’ll often sell out!


Then, finishing off the look is as easy as grabbing your family’s favourite black clothing from the closet!

If you want more complex outfits, consider working with a face painter who can paint your faces to resemble the creepiest witches possible. And don’t forget to grab your broom for the perfect finishing touch!


If you have money to spend, ordering a set of skeleton onesies online is one of the quickest and easiest family Halloween costume ideas.

But if you’d rather save some money, creating your own skeleton costumes is actually pretty simple! Start by grabbing black clothing for every member of the family.

Then, grab a roll of white, reflective or glow-in-the-dark tape! Use it to create skeleton bones on the clothing, then finish off the look with white skeleton face paint.


If you’d like to get even fancier, consider adding fancy clothes, colored face-paint and flowers to your costumes for a Day of the Dead skeleton look. This is definitely one of the more popular Halloween costume ideas for women!

Movie Characters

If your family loves watching movies together, dressing up as character from a favourite movie is always a great family Halloween costume idea!

Consider dressing up as the Ghostbusters by pairing matching jumpsuits with backpacks and Nerf blasters. Or, choose appropriate clothes from your closet and a few accessories to dress up as the characters from the Addams Family!

The best part about choosing movie characters for family costumes is that the fun doesn’t have to stop when trick-or-treating is done. Once you’re home, pop in the movie that inspired the costumes and keep the Halloween spirit going!



A staple at any Halloween celebration, ghosts are the way to go for a simple and fun Halloween costume. You don’t need much more than some white sheets you no longer want and some scissors.

If you’re worried about younger children not being able to see properly, then consider cutting a single larger hole in a sheet so the whole head is visible. Then, use white face paint to create a ghostly complexion.

Of course, if you want to go all-out, you can also buy ghost costumes online that are more detailed and whimsical. But, either way, if you want to show off some simple Halloween flair, ghosts are a great idea.


There’s nothing more fun than celebrating Halloween together as a family, and choosing one of these family Halloween costume ideas is a great way to do that.

Best of all, almost all of these costume ideas are easy to DIY, making them great for those that want to celebrate Halloween on a budget.

Whether you choose to keep your costumes simple or go all-out, dressing up for Halloween as a family is a great way to make memories together. And in the end, that’s really the best part of Halloween!

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