5 Reasons You Need a Family Lawyer

From buying a house to adopting a child, there are many times that families may need to navigate the legal system. And having a family lawyer ready to assist can help make those times as stress-free as possible.

Your family may not have needed the advice of a lawyer yet. But it’s best to be ready in case you ever do! Consider these 5 times that you may need a family lawyer:


1. They Can Help With Accidents 

A family lawyer can help you get compensation for injuries, accidents, and other mishaps. Whether the accident occurred while you were at work or just walking down the street, they’ll work to get you the settlement that you deserve.

Family lawyers can also help with car accidents. While many people depend on insurance to deal with car accident settlements, a family lawyer can help ensure the settlement is fair. Always consult a car accident attorney in Houston or your own local area before accepting an offer.

Without the assistance of an experienced attorney, it can be hard to navigate the complicated legal system to ensure you’re being properly compensated for any medical bills or permanent damage you might have incurred.

2. They Can Assist In Custody Cases

If you’re going through a divorce, a family lawyer can help to ensure that your rights as a parent are protected.

Often, one spouse will seek custody of the children while the other is seeking visitation rights.

A good attorney not only helps to make sure that the parent who is not with the children gets visitation, but also ensures that the parent is still involved in decisions regarding a child’s upbringing.

When it comes to divorce and custody, family lawyers can also be a big source of emotional support during a difficult time. They do everything they can to make sure you’re being treated fairly, removing a big source of potential stress.


3. They Can Negotiate Settlement Agreements 

In many cases, family lawyers will assist in negotiating a settlement agreement on your behalf so that you don’t have to go through an arduous legal process.

Settlements can occur for various situations, from compensation when you’re the victim of a crime to payment for a business deal.

Regardless of what type of settlement you’re receiving, having a lawyer to check and double-check the details of the settlement is always a smart decision.

Your lawyer will ensure that the agreement is fair and that it protects your rights under the law, while also taking your personal circumstances into account. 

4. They Can Assist In Estate Planning

Even though family lawyers don’t draft wills or handle the probate process, using their knowledge of family law can help you to be confident your assets are protected when you’re working with an estate lawyer.

They can also ensure that your family doesn’t have to go through a difficult legal process after your passing, and help you to decide on a trustworthy individual to carry out your wishes after your death.

Planning for your passing is just as important as planning for retirement, and a family lawyer’s advice can help you make your plans with minimal stress and confusion.

5. They Provide Representation in Court

Although many family disputes can be handled outside the court, some issues might have to be resolved in front of a judge.

When this happens, a family lawyer is a must for getting through the court process. They’ll help you prepare so that you’re ready for how the appearance will proceed.

A family lawyer also helps to take the pressure off of you in a courtroom setting, by bringing up important facts and ensuring your story is told accurately.


Having a family lawyer that you trust is one of those things that can help you feel a little more secure when your family is faced with a challenge.

And no matter what type of legal situation you’re facing, expert advice always pays off in the long run!

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  1. Phew! I’m super duper grateful to be able to come across this article especially since you said that even property management is something family lawyers can also handle without any problem. My niece is about to get married to the son of a wealthy millionaire next month and she thinks about preparing some legal documents before the ceremony. I’ll make sure she hires the right individual to monitor the progress of the situation later.

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