How to Keep Your House Clean and Tidy With Kids

Keeping a house clean and organized can take some work at the best of times. And when you add kids into the equation, it gets even harder.

But that doesn’t mean your dream of a clean and tidy house has to wait until the kids are grown!


Of course, with little ones, there will always be a bit of disorganization here and there.

But, these tips can make a big difference when you want a kid-friendly home that’s still clean and tidy:

Hire Professional Help

If you don’t have the time or energy to both look after your kids and keep your house clean and tidy, why not hire someone to help out?

Consider having a housekeeper come in once a week to handle the essential housecleaning tasks for you. You may be surprised at how reasonable the cost can be, especially when you factor in the time you save.


If paying for regular housekeeping is out of your budget, then you could also think about handling the basic tasks yourself, and hiring professionals to do the more intense deep cleaning.

Woodard Cleaning and Restoration or another professional cleaning company can be a great asset when it comes to tackling big cleaning jobs.

And that means you can focus on the quick and easy cleaning and tidying instead!

Get More Storage

One of the best tricks when you’re wondering how to keep your house clean with kids is to create new places to store the clutter.

After all, no parent has time to run around making sure every little item is in its proper place. So, get a large toy box for your child’s room, an ottoman with built-in storage for the living room, or some decorative baskets for your entryway.

benjamin clean closet front

Then, grab the clutter and toss it into your new storage container! Remember, you can still organize storage to a degree – toys in one basket and papers in another, for example.

Making sure household clutter is out of sight will instantly make your house look and feel cleaner.

And when you choose storage containers that coordinate with your house’s decor, you can even add some extra style to your space!

Have the Kids Help

Let’s face it…your kids are probably the ones making the biggest mess in your house. So, why not have them help you clean?

Daily chores are a great way to start teaching your children responsibility, and can help to make your own workload a little lighter as well.


Just remember, you’re dealing with kids, so don’t worry too much if some jobs aren’t done to perfection. The more they chip in, the more their cleaning skills will improve!

Wondering how to get started? This list of age-appropriate chores for kids can help you start to set some jobs for your family.

Make a Schedule

One of the hardest things about being a parent and running a household is the fact that there’s so much to keep track of, making it easy to forget things.

A cleaning schedule will help you know what needs to be done, and when. You can space cleaning tasks out, so that you don’t end up doing everything on the same day.


While it may sound bizarre to plan your cleaning in advance each month, you’d be surprised at the difference it makes when you have a set day for mopping, vacuuming, and washing windows.

A regular schedule will help ensure that no spaces goes too long without being cleaned, as well as ensuring that you don’t need to tackle an entire messy house in one day.


With some planning and some help, either from a professional house cleaner, your kids, or both, being able to keep your house clean will likely get much easier.

And when you’re in a time crunch, stashing clutter elsewhere and giving hard surfaces a quick wipe-down will work wonders.

After all, there’s nothing better than enjoying quality family time with your kids in a clean and comfortable home!

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