5 Causes of Ants in the House

Ants might be less gross and creepy than some other household pests, but they’re still an annoyance.

And, what’s more, ants and some of their relatives can cause property damage if infestations are left for too long.


When it comes to effective methods of getting rid of ants, start by sealing entry points, removing food sources, and using a spray or gel on the ants already inside.

Alternatively, you may find it more convenient to simply hire a pest control service. But, if you’re wondering what causes ants in the house, check these 5 common culprits:

Food Is Left Out Overnight

Most of us are undeniably guilty of leaving food of some variety out overnight at one point or another.

However, food sources for ants don’t need to be entire meals; even small traces of food on plates or bowls can encourage ants.

Be sure to remove food sources every evening before bed; rinse off dirty dishes, clear out any pet food, and wipe down cooking areas.

Greasy Surfaces

Greasy surfaces are annoying all on their own, and they also attract ants and others pests into your home. Ants can thrive on greasy surfaces, since it provides them with a food source.

Most people already wipe down their kitchen counters, but keep in mind there may be other spots where grease can build up, including pantry shelves and stovetops.

Wiping these down at least once every couple of weeks can help ensure ants don’t have an available food source.

Sticky Garbage

Even if garbage is kept outside the house, it can still lead to ants finding their way indoors.

If ants end up in the garbage area, they’ll often continue to wander in the vicinity, potentially finding their way inside as they search for food sources and nesting grounds.

To prevent this, invest in garbage cans that seal well, and make sure garbage bags are tied up tightly before being thrown away.

Removing garbage from inside the house every night will also help ensure that ants and other pests stay outdoors where they belong.

Leaking Pipes And Faucets

Just as pests need a food source to survive, they also need a stable water source. So, if you have leaking faucets or pipes in your home, you may also end up with a pest problem.

Having leaks repaired as soon as they’re noticed should always be a top priority. Not only will it keep your house in good shape and discourage pests, it will save you money on your water bill, too!

Decaying Wood

Ants will thrive in areas where decaying wood is present, as it serves as an ideal hideout spot.

Have your property evaluated for potential damage regularly, and repair any issues that are discovered to help minimize the chances of ants finding their way indoors.


Ants and other household pets can be a nightmare for anyone. It’s often frustrating and tricky to get rid of pests once they’ve set down roots.

But knowing what causes ants in the house, and then keeping your house clean and clutter-free, can help a lot when it comes to avoiding a potential pest problem.

So, make sure to create a solid cleaning schedule, keep up with basic home maintenance jobs, and, if need be, call in a professional pest control service to help you solve the issue for good.

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