Tips For Mixing Metal Finishes in Home Decorating

Metal finishes can add a special something to every space. They add texture, and mixing metals will often make it look like you’ve been collecting things for years to enhance your space.

In short, they can add an authentic aged look that gives a room a luxurious feel. However, there are some things you need to do (and some you don’t) when mixing metal finishes in home decorating.


Keep the Space Neutral

If you are drawing attention to your mixed metal finishes, then you don’t want to distract from this with a brightly coloured wall or a swirling rug.

Instead, opt for neutral colored walls and classic floor coverings, perhaps something like this large jute rug. It will bring the space together and help provide definition, without detracting from the metallic finish.

Pick A Dominant Metal

No matter how many metal finishes you are trying to mix, you need one dominant one.

This can be any metal you like, but it will be the main one that you’ll add to the space. Other metal finishes should be smaller pieces that accentuate your main choice.

Not choosing a dominant metal could mean you end up with a confusing mix of colors and textures that don’t do anything for the space.


Mix Your Tones

Some metals, such as gold and brass, are described as warm metals. This is because they are generally rich and inviting shades. In contrast, metals like chrome and silver are colder tones.

You don’t necessarily need to choose one or the other; mixing a warm and a cold metal tone helps to accentuate both finishes and can make your room look fantastic.

However, stay away from metallic finishes that are different tones but similar in color. It can be confusing to the eye.

Mind Your Colours

The best approach to most spaces is to keep the room neutral and allow the finishing touches to do the talking. This works especially well when you add warm metals.

However, if you want to go with cold metal tones as your main focus, then you may want to add a little colour to your space. For example, pale blues and greens work well with chrome finishes.

Consider the Texture

If you’re looking at metallic finishes then you need to consider the textures as well. The most common metal textures are polished and matte, but you can also find hammered and decorative metal finishes.

You don’t need to choose only one, just take the time to see how your different items blend together. In most cases mixing these texture differences creates a rich display and even a talking point.

That’s a good thing.


Remember Simplicity Is Important

If you really want, you can adorn all your room’s walls with gold and make the space feel like a palace. But, this isn’t generally a good look in the long term.

Instead, keep the appearance of each metallic finish simple and subtle.

The metal finishes will stand out more this way and create the welcoming feel that you want for a space, whether you’re decorating a Scandinavian living room or a bedroom with a Moroccan feel.

When mixing metal finishes in home decorating, one prominent piece of metallic finish and a few smaller complimentary ones is the easiest way to create a stunning room that looks good for years.

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