5 Thoughtful Ways to Show Appreciation to Others

Showing appreciation to the people we care about is one of the best ways to strengthen a relationship. But it’s also something that’s sometimes forgotten as we rush through our busy days!


If there’s somebody special in your life that deserves a bit of recognition, there’s no better time than now to show them you care.

To help inspire you to reach out, consider these 5 easy, but thoughtful ways to show appreciation:

1. Say Thank You

One of the most obvious ways to show appreciation to somebody is also one that we may often overlook, especially in a long-term friendship or relationship where we feel comfortable.

Remember to take the time to say thank you for the little things a loved one does to make your life easier.

Whether it’s thanking your partner for putting away the dishes, or calling a friend to thank her for taking time for an afternoon coffee, you’ll be making sure the important people in your life know you appreciate what they do for you.

2. Send an Encouraging Card

Is one of your friends going through a busy time in her life? Do you have a manager or an employee that’s been going above and beyond?

Sending an encouraging card with a positive message is a great way to let people know that you see and appreciate their efforts, in any manner of different ways.

Take the time to choose a card that really suits the person and, if possible, send it by postal mail so they get the surprise of receiving it unexpectedly.

It’s a small gesture that can have a big impact for the person you want to show appreciation to.


3. Make a Gift Basket

If you really want to let somebody know how much you appreciate them, consider making a personalized gift basket!

Start by gathering everything you want to include: think candy, cookies, fruit, chocolate, and so on. Then, find a nice box or basket and some cellophane and wrap everything neatly.

Short on time, but still want to surprise someone with a treat? Shops like Pearsons Florist or your own favorite florist shop often offer gift baskets suited to all kinds of occasions.

4. Make Small Sacrifices For Them

One of the best ways to show appreciation to those we care about is to take up a bit of their load when possible.

That might mean waking up to make lunch for a loved one that has to leave early in the morning, driving a friend home from work or school, or taking a shift for a coworker that’s helped you in a pinch before.

Helping out the people we care about is a way of saying, without words, that we appreciate the help they give us as well.

5. Plan Activities They Enjoy

To show appreciation for someone in a way they’re sure to get excited about, plan an activity around one of their interests.

This is a great way to really let someone know how much you appreciate them, and is especially suited to special occasions or as a thanks after a big undertaking.

Take your brunch-loving best friend out to a new breakfast restaurant after she got you that job interview, or plan a backyard barbecue for your loved ones that moved you into a new house.

Similarly, a special date night activity lets you show appreciation for your partner.

The sky is the limit when it comes to planning an “I appreciate you” event, and the people you care about are sure to remember the effort you put in.


There are so many ways to show appreciation to the people that help and support us every day. And taking the time to do that will always help the relationships that matter most stay strong.

Remember that even the smallest gestures can mean a lot to friends, family, and other important people in our lives. Showing your appreciation in any of these ways will help them always know how much you care.

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