5 Ideas For Making Date Night Extra Special

It can be hard to keep romance alive with your partner when you’re juggling work, parenting demands, and day-to-day chores.

But date night can be a great way to renew your connection to one another in a fun and relaxed way!


Start by deciding when and how often you’ll enjoy a date night with your significant other. Then, decide how to make that time special!

Looking for a place to start? Consider these 5 ideas for making date night special, whether you want to relax at home or head out on the town:

Classes Aren’t Just For School

Think about what you, as a couple, enjoy doing, and then find a class that fits your interests that you can take together.

For example, if you both enjoy being active, consider signing up for a salsa dance class and letting your passion flow.

Taking classes as a couple is also an excellent way to discover new hobbies. Try your creative side with a pottery class, perhaps. If it doesn’t go well, you’ll still have the memories of time together and a fun story to share.


Get Fancy At Home                                                

If you find that cooking at home mostly consists of making the same recipes over and over again, consider changing things up by creating a fancy meal at home!

A fancy meal doesn’t have to be just for a special occasion, and the additional effort it takes will make your partner feel appreciated and spoilt.

That being said, keep the meal somewhat simple to make so you can focus on spending time together. A top-quality ribeye steak and a make-ahead dessert fit the bill perfectly here.

Dress To Impress

Even if you don’t have the money in your budget for a fancy night out, dressing up always helps make an ordinary night feel extra special!

It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to the local movie theatre or staying home to play a game of cards, being together looking your best will make everything more fun.

After all, when you’re a parent, you may not get many opportunities to put on those fancy clothes. So, dress up on your own terms instead!


Touch Is Important

In the rush of day-to-day life, when it’s already a squeeze to make time together, the physical aspect of a relationship can end up neglected.

So, one of the best date night ideas can be to pay attention to each other in a more intimate setting!

Consider picking up a couple’s massage kit, cuddling up to watch a scary movie in bed, or even trying a two-person yoga workout.

Making sure that your date nights involve plenty of physical contact is a simple, but important way to make sure your connection to one another stays strong.

Put On Your Walking Shoes

When life is just too hectic, and you’re both feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to turn your date night into a sanctuary of calm.

Heading out for a walk around the neighborhood together is a beautiful way to de-stress, and takes away the pressure of planning an elaborate night, too.

Hold hands as you stroll and spend quality time talking together. You’ll be surprised what you notice about each other and your surroundings when you aren’t rushing from place to place.


Planning a regular date night is a great way to share new experiences and make new memories as a couple.

And that quality time helps strengthen the foundation of your relationship, keeping it strong for years to come.

Whether you prefer going fancy or keeping things simple, making time to do things together is a great way to better appreciate your partner and your relationship!

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