6 Tips For Planning the Honeymoon of a Lifetime

There aren’t many times in a person’s life that are quite as busy and challenging as planning a wedding. Coordinating the ceremony, food, and entertainment in such a short time is a challenge!

For most couples, the honeymoon is a bit of a reward for all that hustle and bustle. But to make it memorable, it deserves some planning, too.


Want to make your honeymoon one that you’ll remember for a lifetime? These 6 tips will help you plan a honeymoon to remember:

Start Early

Are you wondering when to start booking your honeymoon? It might seem early, but the ideal time is six to eight months before your wedding date.

If you plan to travel to another country or state, regularly check airline prices at least six months in advance. In general, you’ll find the best prices about two to three months beforehand.

Once the flight is booked, you can choose the perfect hotel and start planning any activities. The earlier you start the process, the more you’ll likely be able to save.


Plan As a Team

While wedding planning might have you dividing work to conquer the many jobs, honeymoon planning should always be a team effort.

A great honeymoon will encompass the interests of both people, and you don’t want to unintentionally plan your own dream trip if your partner won’t enjoy it.

Plus, working together to plan a honeymoon makes the actual experience extra special, since it’s one of the very first things you’ll do together as a married couple.

Set A Budget

Money issues are the number one cause of relationship stress, so take action now to make sure that you don’t let money concerns affect your relationship.

It’s only natural to want a dream honeymoon with every luxury, but if your budget can’t handle that, find ways to trim costs and still make memories together. An affordable honeymoon can still be special!

Remember, the goal isn’t to spend the most amount of money. It’s to spend time together as a married couple, enjoying the world as partners.


Double-Check Online Reviews

It’s easy to jump online and book the top recommended hotel or resort in a desired area. But the sad truth is that Internet reviews aren’t always reliable.

Make sure to check multiple online sites to get a good view of what the property is really like. And, if possible, talk to somebody that’s been to the property in person.

Consulting with a travel agent, even just for advice, may be a good decision as well. You don’t want to arrive at your honeymoon palace only to find it a hovel!

Consider House and Apartment Rentals

If your honeymoon goal is to save money while still having access to great amenities, a house rental company like Kasa may be the solution.

Kasa living offers exotic properties in beautiful destinations any honeymooner would love. You can access the best apartments or hotels, while also getting support around the clock.

Many properties offer amazing amenities, and visitors also get the absolute privacy that a newlywed couple especially covets.

Best of all, it’s a great way to save money on your honeymoon! Compared to a traditional hotel, booking with Kasa or another house rental company can offer more space, privacy, and benefits, for far less money.


Schedule Surprises

While a honeymoon is a magical experience all on its own, you can make it even more magical by planning surprises for your new spouse.

Whether it’s a simple bubble bath in the hotel room, or a full day indulging in their favorite activity, it’s a great opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.


While your wedding is, at its core, a chance to share your commitment to one another for a lifetime, it does often end up being more focused on your guests.

That’s why planning a perfect honeymoon is so important. It’s your chance to connect as a couple, share your love, and see the world together for the first time.

And when you take the time to plan a perfect honeymoon, it will be something you both remember for a lifetime.

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