7 Top Jewelry Trends for 2024

Do you consider yourself a fashionista? Or do you want to stay on top of the latest trends, but struggle to keep up with new fashions?

There’s no question that it can be hard to stay on top of the latest fads and crazes in the fashion world, especially since every new season brings new styles.


Trying to keep up can be stressful, and may cost a small fortune as well. Luckily, that’s where accessories come in!

Accessories are a great way to get the most out of the clothing choices you already have in your closet.

And jewelry is the perfect affordable accessory to update any favorite looks, whether you’re sporting gold earrings or a classic strand of pearls.

Wondering where to get started with your own jewelry box? Here are 7 jewelry trends that will be huge in 2024:

Personalized Jewelry


Recent years have been all about custom-made jewelry, and future years are showing that the customized jewelry trend isn’t going away any time soon.

If you don’t already have some personalized jewelry, then you are missing out!

These items can not only be a stylish and luxurious way to attract the eye, they also work as a statement piece that walks into the room long before you do.

Name necklaces, like these gorgeous ones here, are great customized jewelry choices that are becoming more and more popular.

Stars and celebs have helped increase the popularity of name necklaces, and having one of your own is a fun way to give your own outfits a touch of star style.

Mix it Up


2024 seems like it might be the year that we are encouraged to ignore conventions.

Even if you haven’t considered it before, try mixing up your jewelry choices a little more this year and seeing how you like the look.

Start with mixing your metals. Pairing silver earrings with a gold necklace or layering silver and gold anklets can add bold style to a simple ensemble.

Or, consider pairing your elegant rings with a fun chunky chain from a discount store!

To get started, consider choosing some fun and stylish silver and gold jewelry pieces from a store like this one in Phoenix.

Wearing your favorite pieces without obsessing over being matchy-matchy is the height of confidence. And that’s always in style!

Logomania, Jewelry Style!


Last year was all about logos in fashion, and new trends are seeing that logo love move on to jewelry.

Compared to some of the current jewelry trends, showing off your favorite brand logos can be a bit of an expense. But, in general, it’s a more affordable choice than most brands’ clothing and accessories!

And as long as you’re showing off a brand you love, logo jewelry is a timeless purchase as well.

Choose from a simple logo necklace or a pair of branded earrings to get the most bang for your buck.



The love of pearls is seemingly never-ending, and it’s led to the creation of a new buzzword…pearlcore.

The phrase refers to the use of pearls in a-million-and-one ways to create new jewelry accessories that go seamlessly with just about every look.

In current fashions, pearlcore looks include using pearls for everything from purses to clothing. But there’s no reason to get that crazy!

A simple and modern pair of dangling pearl strand earrings, or a fancy hair clip covered in pearls is a great way to hop into the pearlcore trend with pearl jewelry that will remain timeless in later years.

A Splash of Color


There’s no need to restrict yourself to golds and silvers when there are so many other colors out there to choose from. This spring, consider bright stack rings, colorful necklaces, and resplendent rainbow-inspired bracelets.

You may find yourself drawn to more classical styles, but there’s no downside to also having a few brighter-colored items in your jewelry armory.

These playful pieces are great for informal occasions, and trying them out as part of your jewelry trends for the new year is sure to turn heads and brighten up everyone’s day.

Timeless Timepieces


The everyday watch stopped being an essential item the minute we got glued to our smartphones, which means today they’re used more as a fashion statement. So, consider updating your accessories with a stylish timepiece!

If you’ve never considered yourself a “watch person,” you may be surprised how much you love them once you see how it adds a touch of class to your outfit.

Choose from a simple and stylish watch with a leather band a face in your favorite metal, or go all out with a trendy jewel-toned watch that’s more bracelet than timepiece.

Once you see how a great watch can dress up an outfit, you may find you want to add a few to your jewelry collection for an instant wardrobe upgrade!



We all know what minimalism means, and how one would approach the wearing of jewelry accessories with this in mind.

But what about a little bit of maximalism? Wear your jewelry en masse by layering your pieces to perfection.

Stack bracelets in a stylish fashion, perhaps alongside that new watch you added to your collection, and don’t be afraid to partner your necklace with a pendant or two.

Layering your pieces like this is all about showing off, so own it! The look is perfect for a girls’ night out, or a fun first date.

ajj initial heart necklace

No matter which jewelry trends you decide to add to your style, the great thing about accessories is that there’s really no right or wrong way to wear them.

So, have some fun trying some new looks and seeing how the right jewelry can upgrade your look. It’s an easy way to give your whole wardrobe a fresh feel!

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  1. Love these suggestions! Layering necklaces is my personal favorite and I feel like that’s the best way to go.

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