5 Top Family-Friendly Natural Attractions in Mexico

You don’t have to travel all the way to Europe or Australia to discover natural wonders. The Southern neighbor of the US, Mexico, is full of amazing natural attractions.

This country has no shortage of lush green forests, serene beaches, calm rivers, and immaculate mountains. If you are looking for a quick family getaway to a natural destination, Mexico is one of the best locations you could choose.


Planning a trip? Consider these top 5 natural attractions in Mexico that are perfect for the whole family:

Riviera Maya

If you’re making your first trip to República Mexicana, start exploring the natural attraction from the Riviera Maya.

With glistening waves, sparkling blue waters, and a calm and quiet environment, this is the perfect location to get away from the busy urban lifestyle you are used to.

This riviera stretches 80 miles along the Caribbean coast and offers a great view of the Mayan ruins, making it the perfect blend of history and nature.

The Xel-Ha Water Park and Xcaret Park are some of the most amazing locations to experience the underwater coral reefs and go snorkeling. Xcaret also has an underground river that can take you straight to the beach to soak in the sun. 

The resorts in this area are particularly family-friendly. They host activities like rock climbing sessions and movie nights for kids while parents can socialize with other couples or bond with each other at the weekly campouts under the open sky. 

Many resorts also have nature trails within their boundaries so families can safely explore the area’s natural beauty.


Tulum’s Cenotes 

If you are looking for an affordable family trip to Mexico, Tulum is one of the best options. This area has become famous for its family resorts and cenotes.

The cenotes Tulum has to offer are excellent for swimming and enjoying nature. The best cenotes in this area include: 

  • Cenote Manatí, also known as the Casa Cenote, is a river-like open-air Cenote. It is the most famous and beautiful cenote in the Tulum area. 
  • Cenote Calavera is a hole in the ground with a ladder leading down to the natural underground swimming pool. This one is small but extremely picturesque. 
  • Cenote Aktun-Ha is excellent for kids. This shallow open-air cenote is adjacent to a cave with stalactites. It’s one of the best places in the Tulum area for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Cenote Choo-Ha is a series of three cave cenotes near the Mayan ruins of Coba. This is an amazing place to explore underwater rock structures while taking a dip. 
  • Cenote Zacil-Ha is a massive open air cenote near Valladolid. The towering half-cave covering part of the cenote’s swimming area gives it a breathtaking view. 

Sea Turtle Nesting Beaches 

One of the more unique natural attractions that Mexico offers is the beaches where Sea Turtles come to lay eggs. Every year, between June and November, thousands of Sea Turtles return to the beaches of their birth to lay eggs in the sand.

As poaching and natural predators are a great danger to the species, local communities and wildlife organizations have built protected nesting areas for these animals. 

Many of the nesting grounds are open to the public, where tourists can view and participate in egg collection and the release of baby turtles.

The most prominent turtle nesting areas in Mexico are situated on the Yucatán coast, in Baja Sur, on the Oaxaca coast, in Puerto Vallarta, and Costa Alegre.



The Mexican city of Cancun is another popular family getaway location in Mexico, and offers great family-friendly resorts.

On top of that, the proximity of this city to several natural attractions in Mexico makes it a great choice for any family with a love of nature. Some of the top natural attractions near Cancun include: 

  • Just 27 kilometers from Cancun is the white sand beach of Playa Delfines, an excellent place for chilling in the sun, soaking in the sea, and dolphin sightings. 
  • Another natural attraction near Cancun is Isla Blanca. It’s just 3.6 kilometers from downtown and offers an amazing retreat for the whole family.
  • If snorkeling and seeing whale sharks and coral reefs are on your list, Playa Langosta is the perfect location for that near Cancun. 
  • For families who want a full fauna and flora experience in Mexico, the Tres Rios Nature Reserve is just under an hour’s drive from Cancun.


Two things make this pacific coast city of Mexico a great family-friendly choice. First, it’s packed with kid-friendly activities, including swimming along with the sharks at the aquarium and a prolific bird show.

Second, its coastal location means that it offers an amazing chance to learn more about the ocean in an up-close and personal way.

Interactive activities like the twenty-minute climb to the lighthouse, inline skating, horse riding, fishing, flying kites, and many more are abundant in this Mexican Coastal city. 

swimming kathryn isla mujeres

Mexico is an amazing travel destination if you are looking for a family getaway that offers plenty of opportunities to interact with nature.

Decide what areas and activities interest you most, and then decide what area in the country you’ll visit from there!

Whether you want to kayak in Mazatlán Bay or release sea turtles into the ocean in Puerto Vallarta, there’s simply no end to the natural attractions in Mexico that you can enjoy.

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  1. I would love to visit Mexico again. I have been to the Riviera Maya and went on 4 excursion to explore. Swam in cenato, did some snorkeling. I also swam in the ocean daily.

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