7 Easy Self Care Ideas for Moms

When you’re a mom, finding time to take care of yourself can feel almost impossible. But, if you don’t make time for your own needs, your physical and mental health can suffer.


That’s why it’s important to find ways to take breaks from the never-ending job of being a mom to focus on yourself and your own needs.

But how can you squeeze in some “me time” for moms? Consider one of these 7 easy self care ideas for moms to ensure you’re feeling your best on even the busiest of days:

1) Give Yourself a Coffee Break

If you’re one of the many moms that loves that hot cup of coffee in the morning, it may be time to take that coffee break to the next level!

Instead of just chugging a cup as you rush around the house, take some time to sit down and enjoy it. Turn your morning cup into a relaxing ritual by putting on some good music and reading a book or magazine.

And there’s nothing that says you have to take your coffee break first thing in the morning, either! If needed, wait until the kids are off to school or your little one is napping to enjoy your moment.

Finally, if you really want to take your coffee experience to the next level, consider investing in a machine that can brew up your favorite coffee drinks with ease.

The experts at this coffee equipment dealer recommend a coffee machine with a timer if you want your cup when you first wake up, and an espresso machine if you’re a fan of lattes and cappuccinos.

Being able to enjoy coffee just the way you want it is a great way to treat yourself to some easy self care every single day.

2) Take A Relaxing Bath

While adding a hot tub or sauna to your home may not be a priority, a hot bath can offer many of the same benefits.

Turn your bath into a spa-like experience by adding bath salts and bubbles, and maybe even lighting some candles. Then, relax and let the day’s tensions drain away.

You may be amazed by just how relaxed and rejuvenated you feel after letting yourself unwind at the end of a long day.


3) Get A Massage 

Getting a massage every month or so is one of the best ways to treat yourself to some self care. Ideally, find a registered massage therapist that can help treat any tension or pain you might have.

But, if you can’t afford to get a professional massage, there are still ways to give your muscles some relief at home.

Consider treating yourself to an inexpensive massage gun or foam roller to help work tension out of the body. Even a tennis ball or a rolled towel can be a great tool when practicing self-massage!

Search online for some at-home massage tips, or find a good beginner self-massage video on YouTube, and get ready to enjoy some soothing stress relief and relaxation.

4) Exercise

Moms are notorious for worrying more about their family’s health than their own. It’s time to make yourself a priority by scheduling some regular exercise into your routine.

Keep in mind that there’s no need to set hours aside every day for exercise, or to pay for a gym membership. A 10-minute walk or some basic yoga moves can make a world of difference.

And the benefits go beyond simply better health! Exercise releases endorphins, helping to improve your overall mood and leave you feeling happier and less stressed.


5) Spend Time With Friends

When you add a child to your family, it’s only natural that you end up with less free time then you had before. And all too often, that means time with friends stops being a priority.

But spending time with friends is beneficial for your own mental health and can even help you be a better parent. The support and perspectives of friends you care about can make the struggles of parenting easier to manage.

So, make the effort to arrange a regular get-together with the people you care about.

Whether it’s a weekly coffee date in your kitchen or a monthly night out, maintaining your friendships is a must for your overall happiness and well-being.


6) Get Enough Sleep

Every mom knows that being a parent often goes hand-in-hand with a lack of sleep, especially when your little ones are still babies.

But letting your sleep suffer for too long will lead to higher stress levels, a weaker immune system, memory issues, and even increased risk of disease.

That’s why making the effort to get a proper night’s rest is one of the most important self-care ideas for moms that there is.

Start improving your sleep quality by creating a simple bedtime routine. Simply turning off all electronics an hour before bedtime and enjoying a book or some music can help you fall asleep faster.

And if you’re currently dealing with a baby that wakes up during the night, consider napping during the day when your little one sleeps so that you don’t end up constantly fatigued.

7) Watch What You Eat

When you’re rushing through a busy day, it’s often common to grab whatever food is convenient when you get a moment to eat, whether or not it’s healthy.

The problem is that unhealthy meals and snacks, no matter how convenient, can actually make you feel even more tired and sluggish.

Spending a bit of time each weekend planning your family’s meals for the week is a great way to ensure you’re eating healthy, balanced food. And meal planning is also a great way to save money and reduce food waste!

As for snacks, planning ahead by stocking the fridge with healthy snack options can help ensure that you’re not eating junk when you’re pressed for time.

Cut vegetables with store-bought hummus, fresh fruit, raw mixed nuts, and cottage cheese are all great healthy snack options that are also quick and easy to grab when you’re hungry.

And don’t forget to drink your water, too! Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, and mood swings, and often people mistake thirst for hunger.


Making time for yourself can be difficult, but it’s so important. By taking just a few minutes to focus on your own needs, you’ll be able to parent feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

So, make sure to incorporate some of these self-care ideas for moms into your daily routine! You and your family will all be glad you did.

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