40+ Teenager Hidden Secret Emoji Meanings Parents Should Know

If you’ve ever watched your teenager texting their friends, you’ve likely noticed that teens tend to use a lot of slang terms when they communicate.

And now, emojis have become a part of that slang, with many kids using hidden secret emoji meanings to send messages to friends that parents might have a hard time deciphering.

40+ Teenager Hidden Secret Emoji Meanings Parents Should Know

If you’re worried about the messages your teen might be sending and want to learn more about possible emoji slang meanings, you’re in the right place!

These common emojis are some of the more popular ones with hidden secret emoji meanings that your teen may be using:

A Comprehensive Emoji Decoder for Parents

This list contains over forty of the most popular and widely-used emoji hidden meanings among teenagers.

Here are the top hidden secret emoji meanings that all parents should know about:

  1. 🍆 or 🍌 – Penis / male genitalia
  2. 💦 – Orgasm / ejaculation
  3. 🐍 – The referred person is a backstabber
  4. 🧢 – Symbolizes that someone is lying or “capping”
  5. 🍑 – This popular emoji teenager slang means butt
  6. 🥶 – Refers to a cynical, sarcastic, or “savage” response
  7. ☠️ or 💀 – I’m dead. It’s used when the recipient’s message is so whimsical, funny, or embarrassing that you figuratively died laughing
  8. 🌮 – Vagina
  9. 🧠 or 👅 – Represents oral sex
  10. 👻 – Refers to being “ghosted” by someone or dumped without any explanation
  11. 💯 – Means keep it real or “one hunnid”. It can also be used to agree or show approval
  12. 😈 – This emoji’s hidden meanings are “feeling naughty, frisky or horny”
  13. 🔌 – The seemingly innocent electric plug emoji symbolizes someone who sells or deals with drugs
  14. 🍁 – Refers to drugs in general, especially marijuana
  15. 🎪 – An erection
  16. 🐙 – Cuddles
  17. 🐐 – Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
  18. ⏳ – This emoji is often used in reference to someone with an “hourglass” body physique
  19. 👉 👈 – Teens use this particular emoji when flirting to indicate that they’re shy or nervous
  20. 💨 – Dashing away. It can either symbolize vaping or indicate someone who is in a hurry
  21. 😤 – Drug dealers sometimes use this emoji to notify clients that they’re selling MDMA
  22. 🔪 – Represents someone who’s in a foul mood or wants to cause destruction
  23. 🍒 – The two red cherries emoji is used to represent testicles, breasts, or virginity
  24. 🔨 – This hammer represents sexual activity
  25. 🤡 – The clown face has two emoji secret messages. It can either indicate that someone is dumb or something you read is embarrassing/silly
  26. 🤤 – Teens often use the drooling face emoji to indicate they desire someone sexually. However, it may also symbolize ecstasy (Molly)
  27. 🌳 or ⛽ or 🌿 – Refers to marijuana
  28. 🏩 – Brothel
  29. 💉 – Expresses one’s interest in getting a tattoo
  30. 🍇 – Testicles
  31. 👯‍♀️ – Two women with bunny ears represent sex workers
  32. 👁️ 👄 👁️ – This emoji combination is used to express surprise, shock or disgust. It can also be slang for “It is what it is”
  33. 🥴 – The woozy face indicates sexual arousal, confusion, inebriation or a cheeky grimace
  34. 🚛 – Some teenagers use the “dump truck” emoji to signify someone with a voluptuous bottom
  35. ✍️ – The writing hand is used to encourage another person to take note or accept the given advice
  36. 🌽 – Refers to “porn”
  37. 🎣 – The fishing pole emoji is commonly used when someone is fishing for a compliment
  38. 😵 – Dizzy face. Teens usually send this emoji after viewing X-rated content
  39. 🚀 – Drug dealers use the rocket emoji to indicate the high potency of their products
  40. 🌶️ – The “hot pepper” emoji indicates that some inappropriate or sexually explicit content is spicy
  41. 🔥 – This emoji refers to someone who’s attractive or something that’s remarkably cool/lit
  42. 💅 – Nail polish. This emoji indicates that you’re unfazed by another person’s remarks or opinions about you.

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Emojis carry deeper meanings, especially when teenagers use them to communicate on social media.

Use this list to ensure you can understand the emoji slang meanings your teen is using, so that you’re ready to discuss any concerns with them.

Knowing the hidden secret emoji meanings that teens tend to use most is a valuable first step in helping to keep your teens safe.

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