5 DIY Tools You Never Knew You Needed

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as fixing or building something yourself, whether you’re a first-time DIYer or you’ve been taking on home projects for years.

And one of the first things that any DIYer learns is that different jobs need different tools!

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From designing a custom built-in bookcase to setting up a swing set for the kids, you should be choosing tools that are specifically selected for the job you’re taking on.

And there are tools you never knew you needed that may be the solution to a DIY project you’ve been hesitating to tackle!

With the right equipment, DIY projects can be as fun as they are useful.

The 5 DIY Tools to Complement Your Toolbox

Once you have the basic hammer, screwdriver set, drill, and circular saw in your toolbox, it’s time to branch out!

Depending on the projects you’re planning to tackle, you may want to check out these 5 household tools you never knew you needed:

1) The Grease Gun

A pistol-type grease gun is the number one tool you need in your life that you never knew you needed.

Whether you like to tinker with metal or have an ongoing auto repair project in the garage, this tool gives you the lubrication you need to complete any task.

Why is a grease gun the kind of tool you never knew you needed?

It’s an essential for lawn and farm equipment lubrication, first of all. If you want that riding mower to last, regular lubrication with a grease gun is essential.

And if you drive an older vehicle, the ball joints, tie rod ends, and certain other parts may have grease fittings that require a grease gun to lubricate.

Not sure what type of grease gun to buy? There are a few different options available, so check out manual, battery-powered, and pneumatic options to help you choose the best grease gun for your needs and budget.

2) The Electric Pole Saw

It may be quick and easy to call a landscaping company when your trees and bushes need a trim. But if you have a large yard or a lot of trees, it can also get expensive!

That’s when an electric pole saw comes in handy. These company mini chainsaws can be used both on their own, or with an included pole attachment to trim high branches safely.

Pole saws are generally available in either battery-powered or plug-in models, and sometimes include additional swappable attachments as well.

For keeping your yard looking its best, it’s a tool you’ll turn to over and over again.

wood planer

3) The Thermal Leak Detector

Whether you live in a drafty old house or you’re just committed to keeping the heating bill as low as possible, a thermal leak detector is a must.

Part gadget and part tool, the device uses infrared sensors and/or thermal imaging to scan walls and detect changes in temperature, helping you find air leaks in your home.

A higher quality thermal leak detector can even help you find water leaks or moisture differences in the walls.

And with a price point of just $50 or so for a basic thermal leak detector, it should be a must-buy device for any homeowner.

4) The Nail Gun

If you’re the type that only uses nails to make small, minor repairs, a hammer is probably the only tool you need.

But, if you like dabbling with carpentry or you have more major repairs to make around the house, a nail gun will save you significant time and effort.

There are both framing nail guns and finishing nail guns available, and depending on the work you’re doing, you may even want one of each.

Having a nail gun will make projects like building an outdoor lounge or kitchen a breeze, and it’s the most effective way to put up baseboards and trim in the house.

5) The Wood Planer

Using a wood planer is so satisfying that the Japanese have competitions over who can cut the thinnest slice. But its uses go far beyond competitive planing!

For quick home repairs, one of the best uses of a planer is for fixing doors that have started to stick in their door jambs.

By simply trimming off a few millimeters from side that’s sticking, your doors will be opening and closing with ease.

And if you enjoy woodworking, but want to avoid the current high cost of lumber, a wood planer lets you reclaim old wood by smoothing out rough and damaged edges.

assortment of tools

When you’re a dedicated DIYer, there’s no end to the list of tools that you could potentially add to your collection.

But if you don’t have these 5 in your toolbox yet, think about adding one of these tools you never knew you needed that may help you with your next home project.

When it comes to DIY, the right tools really do make a world of difference in getting the best results!

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