How to Make a Travel Video Step By Step

One of the best things about traveling is remembering and sharing the highlights of your journey once you’re back home.

And if you love looking back on your travel adventures, there’s no better way to do that than with a travel video!

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But, how do you take the random moments you’ve filmed and turn them into a travel video to be proud of? It’s actually easier than you might think!

By planning your video beforehand and making sure to get a good variety of clips to choose from, you’ll be able to make a travel video to be proud of.

Use these tips to help you create the ultimate travel video on your next vacation:

How to Make Travel Videos for Beginners

Get the Gear and Make a Plan

Making a great travel video doesn’t necessarily need high-end equipment. Many amazing travel videos are created with nothing more than a smartphone.

That being said, think about the type of video you want to create, and decide if you do want to use some extra equipment, whether that’s a microphone, a selfie stick, a voice over tool, or a higher-quality camera.

Then, with your destination in mind, think about what elements you want to include in your video. What specific attractions and activities do you know you want to include?

And remember to think about who the video is for! Deciding to film a family travel video, for example, will be completely different than filming a video on must-try adventure experiences.

As you rough out your plan, ask yourself why you’re creating the video. Is it to share special moments with loved ones, or to create a guide for future travelers to the destination?

The answers will help you figure out what to highlight in your video.

Shoot As Much As Possible

Once you have your plan roughed out, you’ll be ready to experience your destination to the fullest!

When it comes to creating a great video, you’ll want to record as much as possible so that you have different views and perspectives to choose from.

Play around with different ideas as you film. Getting some video clips of natural elements like sunsets and rain can add a lot of interest to your video.

And, recording an area in a moment of silence can be a great way to add a peaceful touch to your video when it’s needed.

Pay attention to light and background noise when you’re recording, and try to keep the camera as steady as possible. This is where some extra gadgets like a mini tripod or an external microphone can really be a help.

Remember that having extra video clips you don’t use is much better than not having recordings of some moments that you wish you did.

So, keeping that camera rolling as much as possible is almost always a good idea!

Get Editing

Once you’re back home, the real work begins! Even if you’re just creating a travel video to share with family and friends, you want it to keep them engaged.

And that’s where editing comes in. It’s time to watch through your videos and decide which clips you want to use and how they’re going to fit together.

Start by trimming your video clips so that the parts you’re sure you want to include can be properly arranged and organized.

Then, use a video editing program of your choice to turn the various clips into one complete travel video showcasing your adventure.

There are both paid and free options available. For a good free option you may consider this Adobe program.

Paid video editing programs may have a one-time payment option or a monthly subscription, and offer additional features.

Next, you can decide if you want to add any filters or effects to the video. While they can be a fun way to add interest, less is often more when it comes to visual effects.

Finally, it’s time to add some music! The right background music can really enhance the mood of your video, so play around with some different songs to find the perfect one.

While editing, you may also come across some brief video moments perfect for sharing on social media. Consider using a GIF recorder to turn them into short, shareable clips!

Tell a Story

Videos are one of the best ways to tell a story to others, so embrace that concept and think about what story you want your video to tell.

For many people, showcasing a destination through their own unique perspective is the most appealing thing about creating a travel video.

But, depending on your interests, you can get even more personal with your story! If you’re a foodie, for example, then creating a video that highlights the local cuisine you’ve tried may be an appealing choice.

Or, if you’re a fan of history, consider a video highlighting historic attractions you visited on your vacation.

And remember, this is your story; so, don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera! Narrating your adventures can be a lot of fun, and will make your video more appealing to the people you show it to.

man shooting a video

Whether you travel with kids and want a memento for when they’re older, or are heading off with friends and want to record your adventures, a travel video is a great memory of all the fun you’ve had.

Give these tips a try and start to develop your video-making skills. You may find that creating travel videos of your adventures is one of your favorite parts of a vacation!

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